What? I still didn't post this? #5 - Sushi, Cats & Megu

Good evening dear followers

Holy shit time is passing by so fast...
2 weeks ago I had to take antibiotics..my stomache's condition has been really bad for months, a few weeks ago my doctor found the reason and now we are trying to get rid of it.
University, MJP, Friends, Parents...everything is overflowing right now. I'm sorry that I'm neglecting my blog lately. I'll be back with regular posts soon, promise. Also I really want to finish posting all of the shit that happened in 2012 before 2013 starts!!

So, let's begin with a nice picture of food:

Asian food to be exact.  おいしいだね

Months ago my MEGU was looking like this really cute~
Picture on the right shows a cute cat app I downloaded

Oh, look. Back then I even had time to study Japanese...

Ah, now I know. These shots are from August! Can tell because I received the balloon on Aug 15

Cat shots:

...oh Mio, you're looking dumb.

Huge portion of pasta.

Extremely cool shoes.

monomania package

Part of my jewelry.

Tiger & Bunny flyers a friend sent me

Book I recently read ( in 1 night haha)
& Japanese books I completed (started the red Kanji one)

More MEGU shots.
Yapo's MEGU...I fell in love.
Also...Strawbell...you're the best!!

Left: spot the dog
Right: I drew my cats for my aunt

And last but not least:
Edited picture of Anna and me


Going Shiratama-ta

Good evening everyone~!

Long time no see...I'm deeply sorry m(-________-)m
The past few weeks have been really busy...university, job, mjp, etc...
Going to show you how MJP made me busy soon though!

Well, today I'd like to share some photos with you:

As some of you may know Ayako Shiratama is one of my big fashion/style inspirations.
Luckily mukuCHU sent me the perfect lenses to pull off the "Shiratama-ta Look" a few days ago!!


POWER/PRESCRIPTION: -0.00 (Plano) only

B.C.: 8.8mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm
Price: $20 AUD
(mukuCHU is currently having a sales promotion: Buy 2 pairs of lenses, get 1 pair free!)

 As usual I received them carefully wrapped
Package included the lenses, a free lense case that comes with every order & a care instruction for circle lenses as well

Idk why but blogger decided to upload the 2nd shot like this....I tried changing it several times...didn't work.
I think you guys can tell the enlargement and color change though!!

Make Up Version:
I really looooove the color!! My eyes are brown but they totally change to blue...! The brightness changes depending on your light situations. The photo above was taken in front of a window~

 Another shot that shows how well they match~
(click on a photo of your choice to enlarge it)


Style ★★★★★
  Interesting & close-to-natural pattern blends perfectly

Color ★★★★★
Depending on the light situation your (brown) eyes are totally going to change into blue eyes!

Enlargement Effect ★★★★
Being 14.8 mm lenses they are not the biggest in the world of circle lenses
Comfort ★★★★★
Wore them for about 6 hours - no problems at all
(you should have some eyedrops with you though)

Bonus Shots:

Go get your own pair right here