University is keeping me busy..

Good evening guys!

I'm sorry I didn't update my blog earlier..having exams right now, ugh.

Before heading to the university crap I'd like to start with a rather funny pic:

Beautiful, right?
It's showing Anna and me, edited using the Monki App (monki me)

During January I had to finish my term paper. As you can see my topic has been "The efficiency of public blogs in companies. A media ethnography." 19 pages~


Well as I am studying Media Sciences part of it is filming:
 This time my group's topic has been a model agency. Do you guys know the show The Bachelor? One of the agency's models is Alissa, the winner of the The Bachelor show in Germany.

 On the day we had our date for recording Alissa had to take new photos for some autograph cards.

 She's really photogenic..

 Agency's dog

 And another dog at university & my favorite neighbour

 He's always coming to cuddle as soon as he spots me dubbed him Jiji

Some food porn:

 Mmmh, italian

 Large breakfast!

& super large ice cream bowls!

 One Piece Volume 65
Oh btw..do you guys know hunkemöller? It's a lingery store. I own a member card and I got this watermelon lip balm for my birthday didn't try it yet though.

 I also bought a new cape..and I love it (*___*) (I shall take better pictures of it...)

 Back of the cape...

And last but not least:
Most recent nails

Keep on smilin' guys

 PS: preparing some photos of the new Cafe Series mimi lenses I got from mukuCHU


NUDE N RUDE COUTURE A/W 2012 [ eat acid, see Satan ]

This is my first post about a collection...!
But as I opened their homepage I couldn't resist creating a whole post for those shots...!

Do you know NUDE N RUDE ?
I would call it a kind of erotic rock brand (it's japanese btw)

This collection is probably all FUCK YEAH SATAN haha


Things she's wearing:

The more cute version:

( I love her Make Up btw..!)

Items worn:

And of course there's a black version as well!

Items worn:

Hope you guys enjoy looking at those clothes as much as I do!!

Happy new week btw even though it's Tuesday already haha


Fashion (& Make Up) Inspiration February ♥

Good evening everyone
How are you doing?
Germany became super cold again..ugh.
I like Winter & snow, but sometimes I do wish Spring was here already.
Winter, Spring & Fall are my favorite seasons for fashion btw I like to layer clothing...so Summer isn't my time at all. Same for Make Up..

Well, this time I'd like to start with monomania

 Yeah, I still like these kind of bracelets. This one is especially cool because of the material..! It's shiny hoho

 This is monomania staff Kei, she's doing most of their photoshoot stuff

 For Halloween they were providing a special Yodarebear (that's the name of their mascot) print it's cute, isn't it?
I also really love the pullover on the right..!

 I wouldn't wear it, but I like the jackets material it's unusual~

 Kei again! Love her blouse and the jacket to right is quite amazing

 You guys probably remember that this girl is my favorite monomania staff Tatsu

Mixed brands:
 Super Lovers I love how some clothes only shine because of their details I would totally buy this...!

Nude n Rude I'm in love with frazzled clothes...!

Now up to the stylish people that inspire me lately:
 No.96 ! That Make Up is...holy sh*t...I'm probably in love with her skills.

 My fashion taste is quite wide isn't it...? Haha
Girl on the left: Kuronokuro
And No.96 on the right side

 Ayako Shiratama (KERA, bulb, STIGMATA designer) & Chargee (ZIZ, Omega Dripp, bulb etc...)

Oh guys btw...next post will probably be about the NUDE N RUDE COUTURE 2012 A/W Eat acid, see Satan Collection