What? I still didn't post this...? #1

Ah~ I'm listenign to a really nice ALSDEAD song right now...!
This is why I can't even think of a nice greeting...I'm sorry haha.
[ ALSDEAD – 最後の嘘 btw ]
Okay the song ended and I can talk properly now.


Due to being busy I ended up not posting a whole ton of pictures...but I really want to share them with you, so I'll try to catch up with those photos with a new blog series called "What? I still didn't post this...?".
It will be like a small bit by bit update with my personal life. (and wont include fashion hoho...)

Let's start with pictures from May!

 In Germany the temperature in May suddenly rises and therefore the number of festivals rises as well

 Idk why but I love those giant balloon heaps! When I was a kid I rarely got one because they are quite expensive though D:

During that time there has been a korean choir event and they promoted their concert with dancing at the side of the street festival:
I love how all of them were wearing sneakers

 Favorite Shot

After the traditional dance they switched to modern street dance:
 Dancing with a promotion sign!

 Penpal letters piled up and so I had to send out quite a few replies in one take!

During summer we often end up enjoying our time at this place:
 It's a kind of big garden place right behind a giant water tower.
As you can tell we are not the only ones enjoying it's atmosphere.

 Anna & me

I also got to know one of my best friends new boyfriend!!
He's living a few train stations away and Anna and me went to his place in the evening rather sudden.
 Anna's bloomy outfit that day

 Dog named Nala!! (at the friends boyfriends house)

Way back:
 I already mentioned it on twitter yesterday....I really love riding trains.

And last but not least: 
A quick shot of my cat Mio


Bat wing Skull Shirt Coord ♥

It's saturday! Hooray!

Last month I stumbled on OASAP - a super stylish global online shop!
"OASAP's mission is to make you close to the planet's most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in. Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman."

They offer a great range of clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products and etc. Furthermore they grant free shipping worldwide, which at least for me is a big plus.

Luckily I came accross their Oasap Fashion Hunter Program for Bloggers and applied immediately. Maybe some of you already noticed the OASAP banner attached in my sidebar. After checking out my blog they offered me a $30 coupon! Yay! So now it's my turn to show you what I received from OASAP:

A bat wing Skull Shirt
It's available in black, white & navy blue.

In comparement with the store photo of the shirt mine looks less like a skull D: I didn't know this can happen so easily but only the cut in the middle 'of his eyes' being too big made it look different. According to the teeth at the bottom it's still a skull - well at least in my eyes.
So basically the shirt looks like you layered a silver shirt with a black one - but it's actually only a silver cloth attached to the black shirt in the inside. Look at the right shot to understand what I mean. It may look bothering but you actually can't tell when wearing it.
There are also a few more holes at the sleeves - circles & triangles. I'll show them more clearly later.

Now onto the quality:
The cloth feels really soft and light, the stitches are well done and almost not visible.

The silver cloth is very shiny and glittery - so it definitely stands out a lot. It feels very silky and so I couldn't stop touching it when I wore it for the first time....

Here you can see the already mentioned inner part of the shirt.

Let's have a look at the shirt worn:
Bust: 134cm
Length: 64cm

I guess you can already tell by looking at the pictures - boobs stand out. Thanks to the silky silver cloth.
I think it depends on the size of your bust though. Mine is 98cm and therefore pretty big.
These shots show the small holes at the sleeves as well!!

I actually received the package about 3 weeks after placing the order. The shirt was carefully wrapped and placed in a bag:
An OASAP bag to be more accurate. Not bad! 

I've been positively surprised by the free bag and it's message. "Please reuse this package, we can do better for the earth."
The shirt & bag came wrapped in an adequate package, nothing became damaged.

Altogether I'm very satisfied with OASAP's service. After placing your order you'll receive a confirmation mail. Soon after you'll receive a confirmation of the shipment of your order. You can also check the order status with your (free) account on the OASAP homepage any time.

That said: Have a nice weekend everyone & stay tuned


28th July - Hamburg Reeperbahn !

And today - last but not least - Hamburg Reeperbahn!!

Some of you may already heard about 'Reeperbahn' or 'St Pauli' before, it's a super famous red light district in Hamburg
For those of you who don't know about it (wikipedia is my best friend):

The Reeperbahn is a street in Hamburg's St. Pauli district, one of the two centres of Hamburg's nightlife and also the city's red-light district. In German it is also sometimes described as die sündige Meile (the sinful mile).
The street is lined with restaurants, night clubs, discotheques and bars. There are also strip clubs, sex shops, brothels, a sex musuem and similar businesses. The Operettenhaus, a musical theatre, is also located at the Reeperbahn.

Also The Beatles (who had not yet become world famous) played in several clubs around the Reeperbahn. Famously John Lennon is quoted: "I might have been born in Liverpool - but I grew up in Hamburg."
In memory of this time a Beatles-Platz was built at the cross Reeperbahn and Große Freiheit.

That said we should start with looking at pictures:

Of course you need a lot of money for all those entertainment places...and you can find several ATM's placed at the start of the red-light district. I found it amazing that they even adapted the well known EC-Sign to the district...I guess you won't ever find a stripper-EC-sign anywhere else.
On our way to the famous street I spottet a Hello Kitty mutant!! (right photo)

That garage was also stunning!!

A few blurry shots of clubs aso:
(I didn't take my camera with me...so I'll only show you some quick, shy mobile snaps)

Ah! Olivias Show Club
Olivia Jones is a famous transvestite in Germany - she owns around 2 clubs and 1 bar at Reeperbahn.

Thanks god you can't really see details of the left shot.
The one on the right shows a gogo dancer attracting customers in the window.

Of course we chose one of Olivia Jones places!!
Here you can see 2 of Olivias protagonists, my cousin & me.

At the inside we enjoyeda tiny transvestit show, a burlesque show with Eve Champagne & a comedian.
Worth it

One of my favorite shots

Later we went to have some drinks at another transvestit place - Pulverfass Cabaret
Unfortunately we didn't get to watch one of their shows, but I did enjoy their inventory!!

Fell in love with their restrooms:
A huge mirror in each toilet cabin!
Deo, Hairspray, Hand lotion..everything you may need

Well known bakery right accross the street (and next to a sex shop haha)

See the woman on the left pic? It's actually a transsexual. You can't imagine how sexy that girl was...she was standing in front of the cabaret to attract some customers - 80% of the passing men stopped to flirt with her.
Picture on the right side shows the famous police station Davidwache.
Mh, Reeperbahn is a pretty crowded place..

Around 3 am we had some food because we barely ate all day long.
I chose a super yummy vegetable casserole

All things considered the Reeperbahn is a really nice place to eat, drink, party & have fun
Definitely going to walk trough those streets again!!
I loved the fact that that district seems to be highly tolerant.
I mean...the customers consist of young and old couples, tourists, young adults, lots of stag partys and men..
the clubs reach from typical strip clubs to comedy places, cultural places and transvestit shows...

Are there any places like that in your area/country?