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It's saturday! Hooray!

Last month I stumbled on OASAP - a super stylish global online shop!
"OASAP's mission is to make you close to the planet's most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in. Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman."

They offer a great range of clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products and etc. Furthermore they grant free shipping worldwide, which at least for me is a big plus.

Luckily I came accross their Oasap Fashion Hunter Program for Bloggers and applied immediately. Maybe some of you already noticed the OASAP banner attached in my sidebar. After checking out my blog they offered me a $30 coupon! Yay! So now it's my turn to show you what I received from OASAP:

A bat wing Skull Shirt
It's available in black, white & navy blue.

In comparement with the store photo of the shirt mine looks less like a skull D: I didn't know this can happen so easily but only the cut in the middle 'of his eyes' being too big made it look different. According to the teeth at the bottom it's still a skull - well at least in my eyes.
So basically the shirt looks like you layered a silver shirt with a black one - but it's actually only a silver cloth attached to the black shirt in the inside. Look at the right shot to understand what I mean. It may look bothering but you actually can't tell when wearing it.
There are also a few more holes at the sleeves - circles & triangles. I'll show them more clearly later.

Now onto the quality:
The cloth feels really soft and light, the stitches are well done and almost not visible.

The silver cloth is very shiny and glittery - so it definitely stands out a lot. It feels very silky and so I couldn't stop touching it when I wore it for the first time....

Here you can see the already mentioned inner part of the shirt.

Let's have a look at the shirt worn:
Bust: 134cm
Length: 64cm

I guess you can already tell by looking at the pictures - boobs stand out. Thanks to the silky silver cloth.
I think it depends on the size of your bust though. Mine is 98cm and therefore pretty big.
These shots show the small holes at the sleeves as well!!

I actually received the package about 3 weeks after placing the order. The shirt was carefully wrapped and placed in a bag:
An OASAP bag to be more accurate. Not bad! 

I've been positively surprised by the free bag and it's message. "Please reuse this package, we can do better for the earth."
The shirt & bag came wrapped in an adequate package, nothing became damaged.

Altogether I'm very satisfied with OASAP's service. After placing your order you'll receive a confirmation mail. Soon after you'll receive a confirmation of the shipment of your order. You can also check the order status with your (free) account on the OASAP homepage any time.

That said: Have a nice weekend everyone & stay tuned

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