Gal x Visual Kei

Sometimes I still take a look trough visual kei magazines, especially if they feature one of my fav artists.

This time I flicked trough CURE magazine 11/06

One of the first pages featured a 'Pray for Japan from Cure oversea readers!!' section.
Of course I took a close look whether to detect some friends and...

...I didn't detect friends, I detected 2 photos I took with my very own camera.
One of them even showing myself.

One of the girls that participated in the event back that day seems to have sent our photos to Cure magazine...haha.
I mean...it was a nice surprise, but...she could have at least asked, right?

Now back to the main topic of this post:


Take a look at this photo, despite the outfit everything looks gal.
At least for me.

There are even whole bands who are into the 'Gal' look:

Men Vlossom for example.
And it's still Visual Kei, isn't it?

I'm not a gal myself but I know a lot of them and most of my readers are into Gal stuff as well.
Now onto some questions to my gal readers out there...
What do you think of Visual Kei?
I know some gals are ex-visual kei fans and they seem to...regret this chapter of their life.
What's wrong with it?
I've been to 5 concerts (mostly Visual Kei) in Japan and I can tell you...you DO see gals at that kind of events. I don't think Gals have to listen to a certain music genre...they seem to listen to everything and nothing, at least in Japan. Especially 'Western Gals' seem to avoid J-Rock / Visual Kei to the core...

Same with Anime / Manga / Cosplay...
...do 'Gals' feel too 'grown up' for that kind of stuff?

PS: I don't want to offend anybody out there, I'm just curious and am looking forward to your opinions.


Random LOVE to....

Oh my...looking trough the photos I took during the last months I realize that I totally lack personal posts..

Well, I chose some of the photos I took with my mobile to show you how I spent my free time during the last weeks:

One of my friends celebrated her birthday that night ♥
The temperature in Germany finally rose again and we can start to enjoy our time at the outside, yeah~!

Dobby presenting Harry Potter DVD's in a store ♥

Went to eat sushi with old classmates

....and ran right into a demonstration, haha.

Some weeks ago I noticed that there is a kind of 'public bookshelf' in Heidelberg.
You can store books you don't need anymore and/or take some books with you in exchange.

It's amazing how many interesting books you can find there...and I even spotted a Manga, haha.
It's 'Vampire Knight'.

..and a lot of international books of course.
[I Heidelberg]

This is what my hair was looking like some weeks ago...went to the hairstylist to color the blonde parts somewhat ash brown at the beginning of May though.

As you may know I had another internship for 6 weeks during March/April, above you can see a Latte Macchiato a co-worker prepared for me
Usually I'm not into coffee drinks, but I'll drink it if people afford to make them for me.
...wonderful shot at my fav bar / café / whatever

Some days after I went to the hairstylist, see the color?
It was still dark back then...

Celebrating a birthday again
This time it was Tung's turn~

Can you imagine me wearing such shoes? 
I ordered them for Sashi and Maxi just had to slip in, haha~

Boobs erm I mean Ice Chocolate!!

aah...who's tired?

The public bookshelf in Heidelberg again this time I stored one of the books I don't need anymore
...and found quite interesting super old books in exchange:

Book about wonders and catastrophes from around 1930, written in old German.
Strange to read about an earthquake catastrophe in Japan in 1923...guess you could just copy these pages and change the date from 1923 to 2011.

Paul Ernst - Pantalon und seine Söhne (1936)
Mit Goethe durch das Jahr (1965)
R.L. Stevenson - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
"Der gewöhnliche Homosexuelle" ( a sociological analysis of homosexual men in Germany) (1974)

...more updates coming soon
Have a nice weekend everyone~!!
 ( ´艸`)


2010/12/ 31 - Over the edge '10

Hi there ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

As you may know I'm a person who enjoys live music a lot...therefore you can find a lot of concert posts here...but...I want a name for my concert posts!!! Like...right now!! And I can't think of anything creative...
Any suggestions? please let me know and help me to find a name for my concert series

Well, this time it's about Over the edge '10.
It's a 2 day festival, but I only got a ticket for the 2nd day
[1 day 10,000 yen...not bad, eh?]
Fortunately I could convince my friends to buy a ticket, too...or else I would have spent New Years Eve alone, haha.

The festival started around 2 pm and ended around...1 or 2 am.
Yes, 11-12 hours.


the bullet
Daizy Stripper
DOG in the PWO
Golden Bomber
Matenrou Opera

Session band with Yukiya (Kain)
Session with NERO (MERRY)
Session with Hazuki (lynch.)
Session with Mao & Mizuki (Sadie)
Session with Tatsuro (MUCC)
Session with YUKI (Mix Speaker’s Inc.)
Session with Satoshi & Nii (Girugamesh)

Session example:

Session with Yoshihiko (heidi.)
  • Vocal: Yoshihiko (heidi.)
  • Guitar: Jill (SOPHIA)
  • Guitar: Yusuke (lynch.)
  • Bass: Kohsuke (heidi.)
  • Drum: O-Jiro (Penicillin)
...and more

C.C. Lemon Hall - Outside

C.C. Lemon Hall - Inside showing off two cute mobile charms we got from an UFO Catcher
[Push their belly and their cheeks will glow ♥]

During the show ...

...and a photo of myself at the C.C. Lemon Hall bathroom 
I kinda liked my hair (°∀°)b 

[see the neon green band around my wrist? It's an 'Over the edge '10' band, yeah xD ]

Some of you may know that I'm a fan of Teruki & Tatsurou...so I enjoyed celebrating New Years Eve with them a lot both entered the stage many times and especially Tatsurou was like...the main spot of the evening/night, haha

Spending half a day in C.C. Lemon Hall I began to love this venue a lot they offered a quite wide range of food & drinks....the only bad thing was, that you had to run out of the hall right after your fav band played to get merchandise...ugh. Tried to get some DOG in the PWO polaroids for friends but they sold out RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES!!!

Though I got some quite amazing goods of MUCC & AWOI

♥ SIXINC lucky rabbit gloves
♥ MUCC calendar 2011
[got it signed in January, right now a signed drawing by Tatsurou is right next to my pc]
♥ AWOI pleks 

...and a ton of flyers.

Oh and...I forgot to upload Purikura to the JACK IN THE BOX entry!!

Here you go:


[REVIEW] GEO Diamond Series Pink ♥

Good evening dear readers~!

Received my first sponsored circle lenses by mukuCHU 2 days ago
Can't believe I've got such beauties right in the beginning

GEO Diamond Series Pink WT-B37

POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) only
B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 15.00mm

Free lens case with every pair!

Package included:

Circle Lenses (I'm still not a friend of those glass bottles)
Lense Case
Safety and Sanitation Instruction (which is very convenient)

Let's start~ (‐^▽^‐)

My eye without make up...horrible shot, haha

..after applying the lenses.

And now with full make up:


See the diamond pattern?


And full face:


You can only tell that it's pink after taking a close look

Enlargement effect   
15 mm - very noticeable enlargement effect (・ω・)/

 Well I think they are as comfortable as 15 mm circle lenses can be xD Had some difficulties with one lense in the beginning, that's why I chose 4 instead of 5 stars. Though it was really easy to apply them.


Please let me know whether I forgot some useful information and do not hesitate to ask me anything...!



Comiket / Comic Market - 29th December Tokyo Big Sight - Part VIII

Guess what...?

( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Another 2 Photos of the huge venue

See Odaiba's famous buildings and the ferris wheel?
And the super crowded roof wtf

One of my favorite photos:
Guy in girlish Cosplay waiting for his friends.
The shoes.
The hairy legs.

A quick look at the inside of the seller hall:

K-ON merchandise.
Super expensive. えっ

Outside again:
[What a beautiful view, eh?]

Went out of the main building and went to a place where Cosplayer are taking shoots of theirself aso:

Unfortunately it was pretty late and the sun disappeared...汗

See the girl doing panty shots in the background?

ハート Amazing Cosplay クラブ 

...friends in background kind of ruined the wonderful uniform Cosplay 

 ( ̄∩ ̄#

aaah~ love their look ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

Next part coming soon