Halloween Nails ♥


Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Monica's Nails inspired me to try a comic-like Halloween Nail Art:

Left Hand:
Cat dancing in the moon, Blood, Castle, Ghost & Spider Web

Right Hand:
Jiji, Blood, Monster, Spider Web & Ghost

Jiji Close Up (Kiki's Delivery Service)

...short post is short, haha. Sorry.


[Review] Monkey Nail Dryer


How's everyone doing?

Some weeks ago I received my 2nd sponsored bornprettystore item:

bornprettystore did a good job with packing, the box you see above came wrapped in an air cushion envelope.
Unfortunately it seems like YUMING, the manufacturer of Monkey Nail Dryer didn't plan to send this box around the world. Monkey had to much space within the box, therefore it got a little damaged and I had to fix it...on account of this it took me so long to post this Review.

Let's take a closer look at the Monkey itself:

Looks exactly like the promo-picture

Remove a part of Monkey's head to achieve the battery case.

Practical Experience:
Usually you'll only have to slightly push the banana button with your finger to activate the blowing function, but...
..due to the damage it's reeeaaally hard to push it. Almost impossible with only one finger and even more impossible to push it as long as it takes to dry your nail polish...

Packing             ★
(air cushion envelope; only 4/5 because of the packing INSIDE the box - not bornpretty's fault though)   
Shipping period 
(free shipping worldwide - approximately 2 weeks) 
Service               ★
("Thank you" Card & fast/friendly communication via email) 

Function            ★
(didn't work at all - maybe because of the damage)  

Product in General 

Nice gadget, may be useful if it's not damaged. Really cute to look at though.
It's worth it to check out their Twitter/facebook you'll always find some nice Giveaways or discounts.
There's also a blog where bornprettystore shares nail art & Giveaways:
And don't forget to use this code to get 5% off:


Mutsuminism Style ♥

Thought I should give it a try and share some of my coords... 
I'm not as stylish or "in" as some of my readers but hey...here we go xD 

I Harem Pants
They are too comfy, haha ♥
And a big to layered clothing, yay!
Wearing a dark gray H&M Top, white/see-through H&M Pullover (with cap ♥), black sleeveless H&M cardigan, black arm warmers, gray/black non-brand harem pants & gray/black Converse chucks ♥

These are my favorite shoes the tape might actually look real, but it's leather.
They were a special edition some years ago and I bought them almost exactly looking like this, haha ♥

 Right legs are mine, love those pants (H&M) and it's funny to combine them with leo pattern...haha

Friend wearing my pants ♥

 Also one of my favorites ♥ the leo pants I bought in Harajuku (*_____*)
This photo is kind of unflattering though...haha
[Cap says "BEAUTY HUNTER", haha.]

Recut my Maximum the Hormone Shirt & can you see the strap of my bra? It's amazing D:

[I rarely wear platform shoes because I'm too tall...( 176cm; 5"7)]

And last but not least:
...a dress. Very rare.
Maybe you guys remember one of my KERA entries...I said I wanted to try a certain look and duduun: here it is.

Please let me know what you think about these kind of entries I could try to take snaps of my outfits more often



Love to collect CD's and support my favorite Artists so I'm going to show you my recent MUSIC gets:

Small EDIT: Decided to upload the new Ladyant Black (Vocal: Men's Knuckle Model Kentaro) Single for you ♥ scroll down please

アンティック- 珈琲店 - 飴玉ロック
[An Cafe - amedama ROCK]
(2nd hand - CD released 2005)

「ヘタリア Axis Powers」キャラクターCD Vol.2 ドイツ
(got this @animate store in Akihabara - CD released 2009)

黒夢 - Drug Treatment
(2nd hand - CD released 1997)

ゴールデンボンバー - 女々しくて/眠たくて [w/ DVD, Limited Edition / Type A]
 (CD released 2011(last month))
KAT-TUN - Live of Real Face DVD (click to buy)
(2nd hand - DVD released 2007)

Chariots - 亜種
(limited release - CD released 2011)

ladyant black - 「ClutcH」
[Do you remember...? This is the Men's Knuckle Band~ Vocal: Kentaro; Support Bass: Hiroshi]
(CD released 2011 (last month))
...nice mix, eh? Haha...~

Oh btw: Just let me know whether you're interested in the booklets ♥ I could scan them (...and the latest issues of Men's Knuckle Magazine, too)


おいしぃですねー ≧(´▽`)≦ - Tokyo Food Spam

Good Morning (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆ 

It's time to clean out my photo folders and share my last few Tokyo photos with you guys ♥ 
[expect random photos I took in Japan during the next days/weeks...haha] 

This time it's: 


German named bakery
[Wikipedia says: "Backhaus is a small house with a big stone oven inside. In former centuries it was part of a village infrastucture and the place where women met to bake their bread, cake etc. In the last 2 decades in Germany we observed a Backhaus revival as in many villages they have been rebuilt and the interest of using them is increasing even among young women."]

Food at Ikebukuro Station Underground Mall:

...just looking at it makes me huuungry (´∀`)

Konbini gets:

...ahaha...beautiful eh?

Food @ Akihabara:
My penpal Sayaka showed this to us (°∀°)b thumbs up!
[ugh...want to meet her again (*´Д`)=з]

Aaaand my favorite dish @ Harajuku:

GYUDON!!  ヘ(゚∀゚*)ノ

What's your favorite Japanese dish?

I would choose...Soba, Gyudon, Okonomiyaki & Onigiri!!


Japan Day Düsseldorf, Germany ♥

Good evening ♥ 

I'm super tired but I NEED to blog today!!
[There's no time -time-time for sleeping-sleeping...~]

Last friday I went to Düsseldorf, Germanys well known 'Little-Tokyo'.
Once a year there's a "Japan Day" where the Japanese citizens show, celebrate and share their culture.
Of course it's a huge meeting point for Cosplayers as well.

There's an art exhibition in Bonn currently, "Anime! High Art - Pop Culture"
Would love to go and see!! ♥ 
Advertisement @Düsseldorf mainstation:

Been lucky enough to drive by car (of a friend, I don't own a car nor a driving license, haha) and had enough time to watch Haruko Momoi's Show Do you guys know her? She's a popular Anime voice actor and singer.
 Haruko Momoi

 Haruko Momoi Live

Take a look at the great view she had:

...food. And a guy with amazing shoes/pants/bag/bracelet. Haha~

Due to the recommendation of a friend we went to a Japanese restaurant, Okinii.
It's not as Japanese as I thought...but we had to use Ipad's to order...

 ...and drank BVLGARI water. Wtf.

Takoyaki @Okinii

Saturday is the main day of the festival...
Had Tunamayo Onigiri in the morning...forgot to take a photo though.

 Taiyaki filled with Ice Cream on Saturday

 Pretty nice weather

 Water tower & a whole bunch of People.

 Stylo photo of friends #1

Stylo photo of friends #2

 Stylo photo of friends #3 

Met a whole ton of people and enjoyed it a lot...

One of the highlights of the festival is the fireworks at night...forgot to take a photo but I'll google one for you...haha
My first Japanese fireworks and I have to admit...it was amazing. There were hearts, flowers, clovers and a whole lot of wonderful rainbow colored rockets

Went to bed around 2 am and went straight to Frankfurt on Sunday~
Planned to visit the book fair but unfortunately we didn't make it in time and went to stroll around instead.

...found a super cute café: Iroha.
It's a french patisserie with Japanese snacks & tea.
Loooved the decoration but my mobile cam sucks ass. Sorry.

 Had Matcha Tea with cream & Green Tea Ice Cream ♥ YUM

Cafe Iroha Advertisements~
[seems like they're half Karaoke bar as well...interesting, haha]

Oh, last but not least:
Purikura we took in Düsseldorf @Saturday.
 YUM, LEAVES!! [& Happy Birthday to Hans ]

Came back home last evening, went to university this morning and now I'm a zombie...good night.