[Review] Monkey Nail Dryer


How's everyone doing?

Some weeks ago I received my 2nd sponsored bornprettystore item:

bornprettystore did a good job with packing, the box you see above came wrapped in an air cushion envelope.
Unfortunately it seems like YUMING, the manufacturer of Monkey Nail Dryer didn't plan to send this box around the world. Monkey had to much space within the box, therefore it got a little damaged and I had to fix it...on account of this it took me so long to post this Review.

Let's take a closer look at the Monkey itself:

Looks exactly like the promo-picture

Remove a part of Monkey's head to achieve the battery case.

Practical Experience:
Usually you'll only have to slightly push the banana button with your finger to activate the blowing function, but...
..due to the damage it's reeeaaally hard to push it. Almost impossible with only one finger and even more impossible to push it as long as it takes to dry your nail polish...

Packing             ★
(air cushion envelope; only 4/5 because of the packing INSIDE the box - not bornpretty's fault though)   
Shipping period 
(free shipping worldwide - approximately 2 weeks) 
Service               ★
("Thank you" Card & fast/friendly communication via email) 

Function            ★
(didn't work at all - maybe because of the damage)  

Product in General 

Nice gadget, may be useful if it's not damaged. Really cute to look at though.
It's worth it to check out their Twitter/facebook you'll always find some nice Giveaways or discounts.
There's also a blog where bornprettystore shares nail art & Giveaways:
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