Summary again~

 Alright...blogger changed the order of my uploaded pictures...
so I'll start with Senja's gifts ♥♥
Thank you so much princess...♥
I'll take a picture with the SEX POT cap as soon as possible ♥

 I love the deco of this shop ♥
Cute kittens & an even more cute pun with brands ♥

 Last week I enjoyed a great view on my way to work...
I was able to see the moon to my left side...

 ...and the rising sun to my right side

 I was kinda shocked when I opened the letter box and found Senja's package like this....
luckily the inside didnt take any harm.

 On saturday Hamus came back from Japan ♥
We met to drink some Tea & Milk ♥

Hamus' gifts for me ♥♥ Thank you ♥♥♥


Lc5 Loveless PV screens ♥

 I really like the song...but the PV is not the best I've seen xD
[Miku please stop to gay waggle your leg ...haha]

 Miku is kinda...overacting xDDD

 But it's cute ♥


Speaking about overacting, haha.


Random Yukke drawing ♥

 For Hamus ♥
Hope she likes it...♥
It's just a chibi...but it's made with love xD~

Oh, I hope you guys already know this "Tatsuro"-doll...haha
It's based on his drawings.


Connichi Cosplay ♥

This year I'm going to cosplay a human baroque version of Lizardon ♥
He is my favorite pokemon ♥

I'm just writing this entry to check up all the things I still have to complete...xD

[x] Pants
[x] Shoes
[x] Tail Coat
[ ] "Fire"
[x] Wig
[x] Contacts
[ ] Tights
[/] Teeth
[/] Shirt
[ ] Horns


Current pictures of Miku, Kanon & Teruki ♥

 Miku with You (Men's Spider) ♥
This guy is so gay...no wonder hes going along well with Miku, haha~

 Miku deer ♥

 ♥♥♥ Teruki ♥♥♥

 Kanon....no words xDDDDDD

 Miku again ♥

& again xD♥

It's great that we, the fans, are still able to gain so much information about them during their hiatus!♥

Short summary of the week ♥

 Summer is back, yay ♥
I was already used to the lower temperature...so I had a hard time during the last 3 days, haha~

 This is the region I'm working in...kinda scary.

 Got a letter from my penpal ♥
There was a little present of Hetalia (Germany!!) included (*_____*) YAY.

 Took this picture at work~ 
This is the place I'm sitting at during breaks.

My aunt bought a new dog ôô
Look at this fluffy white thing!
So cute!
I tried to take a picture with a Miku poster (signed♥) in the background...but I failed xDDD
[Had to do this because the dog looks a bit like Nyappy-chan when she was younger ♥]

I have to work from Monday - Friday, so my posts got less....sry.
I'm more active on IMVU again; got loose socks from someone & bought a whole school uniform ♥


American Diner Mannheim

 Last saturday we ate at the American Diner (Benjamin's Diner) in Mannheim.
It was kinda hard to get there...but now we know how to get there easier.

Enjoy multi-color drinks ♥ :

 And a lot of calories, yeah:

Americans know how to eat! Haha ♥
The taste of the food was good, the portions either.
There are 2 things I didn't like:
1. The price; way too expensive.
2. The range; should offer more, especially for vegeterians (like Mandy's does for example).


A,eba - Peta ♥

Most of you may know Ameba, right?
Theres a function that allows you to leave behind a footstep ♥ so people can see that this certain person was at your page and even bothered to click a special button to let you know he/she was there ♥
This function is called "peta"

Well..enough of the explaining xD
I'm not really active at Ameba...basically I'm just using it to read Amember blog entrys which you can just read if you're a member of Ameba and a friend of the person who is posting this...

The reason for blogging this right now:

I didn't "peta" during the last months....but!
I got some "peta" from special people...♥
Shigure (ex uBuGoe) & Kazuaki (Men's Knuckle)
It may be just luck & I think they just gave a "peta" to everyone on their friends list or something like this..
but sometimes small things like this make my day ♥

K-On Season 2 Episode 19 ♥


Ritsu playing Juliet....so beautiful ♥


Current job...

 As I told you before I've got a new job last wednesday....
I'm just doing it to pay my trip to Tokyo...
but some people have to do stuff like that to life...can't believe it.
How can work be so cruel?
Above you can see the place I'm working at.
It's a warehouse.
I have to prepare cardboard boxes for medicine..
May sound easy, but it's not easy at all.
It's tiring me out already...and I've just done it for 3 days now.
My hands/fingers/arms are littered with scores & blisters, my bones hurt and I wont even talk about my back & feet.

Hope it's going to end soon...

Company's canteen.


Today ♥

 Today I had a kind of job interview at 2 pm.
It's just a leasing company but I urgently need money and it's okay to work hard for a few months..right?
Well I signed the contract right there, got some work shoes from the company I'm working for now & will start to be a shift worker from tomorrow on. Wow, that was...kinda too fast.

I had 1 hour free time between the first conversation & to sign the contract so I killed some time in the city.

First I went to Saturn to check some reflex cameras.
Surprisingly Loona, a pretty popular musician, stood right in the middle of the shop.

 As you can see there weren't a lot of people.
Seems like she's at the end of her career...heh.

Right after Saturn I went to a fashion shop which is selling interesting clothes sometimes...
One corner was filled with very cute & colorful clothing and I got the new "Missing Johnny" catalogue.

At the end I went to Game Stop to take a look at some 2nd hand games.
I couldn't resist & bought Bayonetta ♥
Can't wait to try it ♥

Cinema ♥

 Out of topic: Tolerance lies buried in Viernheim.

 Now going to tell you about last sunday ♥
As you may tell from the picture above I went to see Eclipse...

 There is always one question in my head when I'm sitting in a cinema to watch Twilight:
"What the fuck am I doing here..?"
Well...I've read the books and I kinda like the story.
Now it's a must to watch the Twilight movies in cinema with friends every year.
At least they are amusing...xD♥

 I didn't have enough money to buy a Toy Story set menu...
...but in the end I got one of those pretty cups ♥

 Next time I'm definitely going to watch Toy Story 3 & buy (at least) one of these figures (*___*)