Fashion Inspiration January '13 ♥

Holy shit I didn't post any Fashion Inspiration Posts in such a long time...!
I'll totally try to do it at least once a month this year

This time the brands will be very mixed, enjoy

 Most of my readers may probably know her, it's Juria part of her doing is modeling for Nude n Rude
(Nude n Rude ship worldwide btw!)

 L: STIGMATA Ayako Shiratamas (KERA) brand~ I really really love it
R: JOYRICH - really love the print and cut (*____*)

 monomania rings I would chose Blue & Black - what about you?

 monomania necklaces! The left one is really cool, while the right one is rather ugly - but it's the kind of ugliness I love haha

 MINT NEKO look at those super cute designs!!! My favorites are the Green & Black Shirts

Now up to some ZIG UR IDOL stuff, a brand I recently became to like (remember the colorful shirt I got at the Jap-Ro Festival? It's ZIG UR IDOL):
(yup they also ship worldwide)
 Pattern tights are still in & these are some great ones same to the pattern of the pants!

 Same pattern as above & super cool shorts!!

 L: monomania again SAVE GOD THE ROCK... (haha)
R: Tokyo Fashion Snap I like

Now onto some really stylish people I already mentioned before:

Yeah, it's that Oyasuminasai guy again (and his girlfriend)

 That style is just...! I do enjoy their photos a lot haha~

 This one has actually been my screen locker for a few weeks.

 Totally need to try that style at least once...!!

Another super stylish person I already mentioned:

No.96 (yep I guess that's her name)

 Her photos are just...stunning!

And of course stylish Tokyo people know lots of other stylish Tokyo people:

Hope you enjoyed this post, because if you did I'm going to continue Fashion Inspiration posts like this

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Most recent trip to Lübeck & Hamburg ♥

Good evening everyone

I hope you guys are doing well! I'm stuck at home being sick since Friday morning D: sucks (especially because tomorrow is my birthday)

Well, as I'm online right now I thought I could share another post with you
Last month I went to see my Grand Aunt and Uncle in Lübeck with my Mom.
We first had to head to Hamburg, which is quite far (map is following).
In Hamburg we had about 30 mins until our next train was running so we got some hot drinks at a really cute café:
Chocolate all over

Kids Stairway to Heaven!! Such a cute idea!! 
I got some hot Chai Tea Latte loved the cup

Arriving at my aunt's place in Lübeck I was lead to take photos of her flat...it's stunning.

She even prepared some cake for us (look at that dinnerware)

Yep, of course she owns a few dolls as well.

Mom & me were staying at a hotel. The dining room was kinda weird:
Random decoration hello.

One good part of the hotel was, that it was really eco-friendly.
Save energy.

At the first or second day my aunt was showing us some parts of Lübeck. Luckily there still was a Christmas Market:

Nice surrounding hm?



Church & Marzipan museum.

Yup, this is made of Marzipan.

Made of Marzipan as well...wow.

A little shopping:
Cute store at the left - F18 at the right

Langnese Happiness Station wish we had that at the place I'm living at 

Back at my aunt's place:
Grabbed some of the books.

This is my uncles hand writing...he's a type setter.

Drawing by uncle to the left - map to the right (I'm living next to Mannheim, guess you can see how far it is from Hamburg)

Lübeck Mainstation & me at Zara.

The day before we left we went to Hamburg:
MAC Store, something only big cities offer.

Monki one of my favorite clothing stores
& a really yummy curd snack!!

Monki inside.

One of Monki's mascots IKMO

Some shots of beautiful Lübeck:

Last evening we went to eat at a really fancy restaurant:

...shrimps again haha

Fancy place appetizer & decoration at the hotel

Got this from the Hotel

As my uncle is collecting stamps he asked me whether I could check if his Chinese stamps and Japanese stamps are mixed up:
..of course I couldn't tell about the really old ones. But I found some Korean stamps that were mixed up with the Chinese ones.

Hope everyone enjoyed his weekend bye for now