Fashion Inspiration January '13 ♥

Holy shit I didn't post any Fashion Inspiration Posts in such a long time...!
I'll totally try to do it at least once a month this year

This time the brands will be very mixed, enjoy

 Most of my readers may probably know her, it's Juria part of her doing is modeling for Nude n Rude
(Nude n Rude ship worldwide btw!)

 L: STIGMATA Ayako Shiratamas (KERA) brand~ I really really love it
R: JOYRICH - really love the print and cut (*____*)

 monomania rings I would chose Blue & Black - what about you?

 monomania necklaces! The left one is really cool, while the right one is rather ugly - but it's the kind of ugliness I love haha

 MINT NEKO look at those super cute designs!!! My favorites are the Green & Black Shirts

Now up to some ZIG UR IDOL stuff, a brand I recently became to like (remember the colorful shirt I got at the Jap-Ro Festival? It's ZIG UR IDOL):
(yup they also ship worldwide)
 Pattern tights are still in & these are some great ones same to the pattern of the pants!

 Same pattern as above & super cool shorts!!

 L: monomania again SAVE GOD THE ROCK... (haha)
R: Tokyo Fashion Snap I like

Now onto some really stylish people I already mentioned before:

Yeah, it's that Oyasuminasai guy again (and his girlfriend)

 That style is just...! I do enjoy their photos a lot haha~

 This one has actually been my screen locker for a few weeks.

 Totally need to try that style at least once...!!

Another super stylish person I already mentioned:

No.96 (yep I guess that's her name)

 Her photos are just...stunning!

And of course stylish Tokyo people know lots of other stylish Tokyo people:

Hope you enjoyed this post, because if you did I'm going to continue Fashion Inspiration posts like this

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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