January #1 ♥ Birthday & snowy Heidelberg

Good evening everyone

Ah..January is over and February has already started...!
I can't believe I'll be in Tokyo next month...!!!

So, well, today I'd like to share some of the things I did in January
(I can't believe I'm finally posting recent things haha)

 These are some of the cards I've been receiving for Christmas & New Years

 Gifts ♥♥
L: filled with candy and a coupon
R: selfmade marmelade

 Hans & me

In January I also went to have Korean food for the first time in my life:


 ...because my posts don't include enough food.

 This has been one of the biggest birthday gifts I've ever received...
It included:
~ lots and lots of Japanese candy
~ a tooth brush (because of the candy(funny...))
~ Japanese Cup Noodles (& Chopsticks)
~ Japanese Hand Warmers
~ Slipknot Shirt
~ Used Drumsticks (because the person that sent them to me is playing drums)
~ Airou (Monster Hunter) Kigurumi
~ Airou Plush Doll
~ Airou Keychain
~ Airou Mobile Straps
~ a selfmade Mobile Strap
~ a Drum-practice-thingie (I don't know the name of that thing I'm sorry haha)

Even after sharing 50% of the stuff with my friends I didn't get to eat all of it yet...

 Things that keep me busy: University
& sleeping with the Airou pillow thing

 Another gift MUCC flyer from Piyo~

 Having Cup Noodles at midnight with Anna

 Finally got Blazblue!
& wearing my new Airou Kigurumi

 Shiny Birthday Balloons

 Some Candy Maxi got me in England



Went to show around a friend from New Zealand in Heidelberg:
 He has been lucky...Heidelberg & Snow ( & a cat!)

 Beautiful, isn't it?

 The cat again

 Been waiting for these shoes to be on sale for almost 6 months...
Paid 40€ instead of 100€ yay

 My Birthday Cake ♥♥ (thank you mom)

 Kitten Ring I recently bought

 Yummy Japanese Candy

 Ribbon Top I bought in London for about 4€ and an Omamori a penpal sent me

Hope you guys still enjoy posts like these...!!

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