31th October 2o1o, Düsseldorf

JAPAN ANIME LIVE is the first and official live event made and performed by the Japanese creators of the famous Manga and Anime series.
An extraordinary event that brings on stage the “all-star” of Japanese animation such as

The Greatest SHOW OF MANGA & ANIME ever conceived in the World.

JAPAN ANIME LIVE is a mix of special episodes displayed on a gigantesque screen, live action, live recitation with the local voice actors, flamboyant effects and live music with Japanese artists.

JAPAN ANIME LIVE is a fast paced pop opera that gives a third dimension to a world of fantasy and its heroes. A time‐space gate that connects the fans with the dreamland of Anime. A “must-attend” event for all cosplayers and Japanese pop culture lovers in general.
A unique show for the first time on tour in Europe. All these heroes on the same show as never happened before.

[Source: Official Page]

Bought my ticket 2 weeks ago & can't wait for it now!!
The main reason for me to attend this show is ONE PIECE
But I'm looking forward to the show in general!

The coworking actors seem interesting, too:

Bleach: Yuichiro Hirata, Miki Sato
Naruto Shippuden: Taizo Shina, Ayumi Shimozono, Yuki Tamaki. 
Together with: Koto Manabu, Kishimoto Kota, Tachibana Hikaru, Toh Norihito, Hanakawa Mikinori, Tsunematsu Yuki, NawataYuya

Another great part of the show is PIKO
He'll perform the Anime songs, yay ♥
[I hope he's going to perform his new song "Story", too!]

& they offer quite a wide range of shirts in several styles ♥

Someone going to be there, too?♥


Sunday feat. Saturday

 On saturday I went to a festival in Heidelberg called "Heidelberger Herbst"
There are a lot of small booths, special campaigns by several shops & performances.
Above you can see the stuff I was wearing that day, haha~

Enjoy some pics of the most beautiful town of Germany ♥

 Bought a paw bracelet ♥ bet my cat is going to be jealous!

Later we went to our local "Vienna".
Great food, great music, great prices.
A stranger next to us was like "Wtf..are you really going to take a picture of your food..?!" Haha.


Today I just went to dance lessons as I do every 2nd sunday.
[took the picture during break]

I kinda like the back of the shirt I wore today.


YAM YAM Nr 3 ♥

 YAM YAM is a thai restaurant chain in Mannheim
They've just opened a 3rd store right to the 2nd, haha.

The decoration is great:

And OMG....I ate a Pokute!!!!!!!!

[Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu]


K-ON = ♥ & Thinking about next Cosplay

I was just watching K-ON Season 2 Episode 23 & 24 and the story continues being sad (;____;)
I don't want this Anime to end...and I really hope that I'm still able to buy K-ON merchandise in Japan this December!! (ò____ó)

 As you may know Ritsu is my absolute favorite...♥

 But I'm thinking about doing a Yui Cosplay!
She's wearing black tights, so I wont have to show my legs xDDD
At first I thought I'm too tall to cosplay her...but well yeah...I don't mind (<____<)
Let's see if I'm really going to do this & wear it in public, haha~

Now another Cosplay I wanted to do for so long now:

Mutsumi!! (Keroro Gunsou)

 This guy is so great...♥
I'm just not sure about the outfit...the one above is amazing.

 But this one looks cool, too....!

 This jacket....♥

 Usual school uniform...

And this one...♥
This one & the first picture are my favorites by now...
What do you think? Tell me your favorite outfit of Mutsumi ♥



Last friday Germanys biggest ( & greatest ♥) Anime Convention took place in Kassel ♥


I'll show you some random pictures I took of friends & great cosplays...

Yep, you can finally see the complete version of my Glurak / Charizard / Lizardon Gijinka Cosplay xD

I ate fried & flambéed ice cream for the first time....so delicious ♥

Two pictures of a great show by "Tsuki no Senshi"

&& I met Rumi Shishida (*_______________*) YAY
I was almost dying during her concert, haha~

Olivia Lufkin's concert was amazing, too ♥

Both artists gave their best to learn some German words/sentences, haha~

Unfortunately you can't see lovely Cosplay details at the pictures above...
so I took another picture to show you my wonderful wings & flames ♥

Last but not least: Things I bought

Rumi Shishida Limited Edition CD [signed ♥]
Kuroshitsuji Ciel phone strap
Sailor Moon fanbook Chibiusa
Keroro & Giroro hangers
Kuroshitsuji Ciel ring
One Piece Chopper phone strap