Fascination Penpals ♥

Hi ♥
[It's the first time I'm greeting my readers..isn't it?]

Well xD
Today I received a great letter from Yuka, a penpal ♥, & thought I could share this with you.

Look at all the stuff she packed into that small envelope! Good job, haha!

Here you can see her in traditional clothing and explanation, seems like you call her dress "furisode".
[She's looking great in it x__X pretty gifted girl]

Postcards ♥ [Mountain Fuji & Kanagawa]

Cute small bag ♥

And an origami swan!!

I really LOVE to exchange letters like that.
Especially this girl is so different to me, haha. But this is what makes it interesting~

Oh btw...do you guys know a page where I can get penpals from all over the world who maybe even share my hobbies aso?


[REVIEW] Max Factor Masterpiece beyond length Mascara & KIKO Luxurious Lashes maxi brush mascara

I'm not a person who's using make up daily and I don't even come close to a make up pro, but I think it's interesting to read the opinion of a "beginner" from times to times, isn't it?

Well, let's start:

Max Factor Masterpiece beyond length Mascara

This mascara by MaxFactor contains two parts - black & metallic pink
[took the pictures of the tools woth my new reflex cam ♥]

[unfortunately I'm too silly to take pictures of my eyes with the new reflex...it just totally won't focus (=___=)]
(left: without mascara; middle: with black mascara; right: with black & metallic pink mascara)

I really like how this mascara is seperating your lashes and it extends them quite good, I even think it looks pretty natural.
The metallic pink mascara doesn't look natural, but it kinda works and so it's fulfilling the requirements.

KIKO Luxurious Lashes maxi brush mascara

[left: without mascara; right: with mascara]

No, I didn't kill a lot of flies to filch their legs.
I don't know why...but up until today I thought this mascara is looking natural haha.
Maybe I was just not applying it correctly...but THIS result is...just ugly.
But there's one thing I want to say: The smell of that mascara is great! xD


Oh Kanon....♥

..thank you so much for taking pictures like that xD

[Look at Teruki's smile...♥]

Happy Birthday to Hans & Shego ♥

 Yesterday Hans & Shego celebrated their birthday at Shego's home ♥
Above you can see the cake of the year, haha ♥ [Maxi & Me made it]

 We had a whole ton of food...it's always great to have food by mixed nationalitys, isn't it? ♥

 Loved that photo-wallpaper xDD

Shia & random friends xDDD♥

I love small house partys ♥

Oh and lyrics of the day:

"Why do I have to vomit here?" [nega]


Topmodel Fumino ♥

 Say hi to my first model Fumi xD

 Bluuurrry~ xD but cute

Look at his tail ♥ I love it~

Fumi being the silly boy he is ♥

[It's pretty hard to take pictures of cats xD they move too much, haha~]


Aloha Canon ♥

-Lost in concentration-

♥ Please welcome my new friend from Japan ♥

Canon 1000D


Kanon on Ustream ♥

 From about 00:30 am until 01:30 am Kanon went online on Ustream xD

 With special guest Yuukiki ♥♥♥♥♥

 They were showing pictures from Japan Expo and so on ♥
[Yes, it's Kanon's Luka Cosplay xD (Vocaloid)]

 Yuukiki wearing his wig as bad as he always does xD

Yuuki is going to be on Twitter soon ♥
Junior himself wrote it!! So Yuuki has to sign up on twitter as soon as possible! xD

By the way...
Has someone ever seen a band in their hiatus as active as An Cafe is? Haha ♥

Frankfurt bookfair 2010 - Sunday, 10th October

Last sunday I went to Frankfurt to visit their famous bookfair ♥.
It was the 8th time for me, yay ♥.
Above you can see a part of my outfit, unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the whole outfit.
I wore Maxi's panda bear kigurumi ♥ & tried to wear an Usamimi xD.
Kinda failed, but it was ok~.

 On the way to frankfurt ♥

 You don't have to walk from hall to hall XD There are conveyor belts everywhere.

 To my surprise there were more asian comic sellers than last year.
I hope it wont turn back again to last years disappointment...

 Shia ♥

 Cosplay in free nature xD

Final of German Cosplay League ♥

 Amazing costumes!!♥

 Jasmin ♥

And last but not least:
The things I got there~

Most of it were free samples, double-yay xD.