Thank you (*____________*)

 Didn't win at Mi's giveaway but she was so kind and drew all participants !!
My hair looks wonderful, haha~
Thank you so much!

Drawing of Maxi/Pupsi:

Pretty talented girl...!

Oh btw...leaving for Tokyo tomorrow, see you guys next year!!
I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!
May all your wishes come true~


Penpal ♥

Received another great package by one of my penpals ♥
It's amazing...you don't know when but one day you will find stuff like this in your mail box:

Great way to pack up gifts..she just wrapped everything in a plastic bag and shut it with red tape, haha ♥

WANTED posters of Ruffy and Ace (One Piece)
One Piece mobile strap
Red hair colour
Oil blotting facial paper from Kyot
Mountain Fuji postcard
..and a very cute letter ♥

Amazing mix of gifts, haha.
Great fact: She didn't know that I like One Piece ♥ good choice Hika~

I'm afraid of breaking or loosing the mobile strap..so I'll just use it like jewelry, haha ♥

Oh...almost forgot it.

I'm going to look for new penpals all over the world...maybe my blog is a big help?♥


Oh my...

Only 6 days left..I'm going to die, haha ♥.
[so nervous]

Let's take a look at my checklist...

[x] print out schedule for Tokyo including maps aso
[x] print out flight tickets and hotel reservation
[ ] pack your bag
[ ] pick up exchanged money
[x] dentist
[x] doctor
[x] course guidance service
[x] overwrite your applications
[x] email to OAI
[ ] hairdresser
[x] send schedule to several friends
[ ] settle details about the meet-up with Thanh Thao & Sayaka
[ ] become healthy....

Alright....so I just have to go to the hairdresser tomorrow...pick up the exchanged money on wednesday...pack my bag on thursday/friday and contact Thanh Thao and Sayaka...
Not that much, phew.

Did I mention before that I'm going to be at Jack in the Box and Over the Edge? ♥
The line up for Jack is still not available...(wtf?), buuuuut~
take a look at the wonderful guys I'll spend 31th December with, haha:

Over The Edge '10【忘年会】逹瑯(ムック)セッション / AYABIE / アヲイ / the bullet /
DaizyStripper / DOG inTheパラレルワールドオーケストラ / ドレミ團 / ゴールデンボンバー / Moran /
摩天楼オペラ / 藤田幸也(kαin)セッション / FWDセッション / 葉月(lynch.)セッション / 真緒(Sadie)セッション
/ YUKI(Mix Speaker's,Inc.)セッション / 義彦(heidi.)セッション ...and more.

Can't wait ♥♥♥
Plus I'll try to get tickets for the fuzz and ladyant black ♥

Good night ♥



Just want to share a funny picture I took some months ago with my cat...

Yep, we share a bed.


Mutsumi Pictures ♥

Tried to take some new pictures to update profiles and so on ♥

There was a white ugly cheap wig in my room for years...I only wore it on stage twice.
Now I thought.."Hey...let's pimp this ugly thing, I wont use it anymore anyway".
So..here we go xD.

Woohoo, Mutsumi doll xD

3 pics done with my mobile & last 2 with the reflex cam ♥


Tokyo - Let's meet ♥

As you all may now by now I'm going to Tokyo this month or rather from 26th December to 8th January.

Of course I'm not enjoying this trip alone...♥

Mew, Anna,

Maxi & Shia are going to be there, too.

Sooo...reason for writing this entry:

Does anybody out there want to meet us in Tokyo? ♥


Thank you...♥

Today I finally received the Alannah Hill gloves & scarf I won at Exotic Japan's first Giveaway ♥
[Took 2 months to arrive at my house...don't know why...]

Thank you sooo much for doing this giveaway, I was really happy that I won...the scarf & the gloves are so warm and comfy...♥
There's -6°C in Germany today, so I can put them on right now xD.

Thomas is always taking great pictures of Japan's nature, food and everything interesting crossing his road!
(Well he's taking pictures everywhere he is, so not just in Japan as he's in love with travelling it seems xD)
Also his wife Sakie has a good sense for fashion and designs beautiful jewelry.
Check it out

[I'm looking kinda tired...haha~(and wtf..bad quality because of "omg omg omg"-mood and bad light)]


Dear Snow...

....I love you ♥

Advent calendar ♥ filled by my mom.


My cat is an artist.
[Yes, he ruined my magazine.]