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My name is Catrin and I am born in Germany in 1990.
I kind of grew up with the Internet and I started blogging in 2007. After finishing school I decided to study PR & Communication Managament.
In my free time I am voluntarily working for an international online magazine called musicJAPANplus. Since 2013 I am subleader of the German Team. My tasks are writing and translating live reports and interviews, taking photos, doing some PR work online & help coordinating the German Team.
2 years ago I decided to study Japanese by myself. I am not fluent yet, but I am enjoying the studying process. As you might already tell one of my passions are Japan.
Another passion is Fashion/Makeup and Music. This is why my blog is about my private adventures, a certain kind of fashion & makeup and, of course, music.
This might sound weird but I'd also call Social Media one of my passions. I am regularly using Facebook, Twitter and Blog Tools. I've also finished a scientific paper about the efficiency of public blogs in companies and my Bachelor Thesis has been about the Commercial Use of fascistic symbols being used in the Fashion Industry.
After completing an internship in Tokyo I finishing my bachelor thesis in 2015. I'd like to learn about PR work on different continents before diving into the world of work, so right now I'm saving up for Working Holidays!


So far I did reviews for beauty products, colored contact lenses, clothes & miscellaneous gadgets.
If you’re interested in a cooperation or sponsorship just send me an email! I'd be glad to check your page/products and am going to accept your offer as long as it fits my blog and personal belief.


Stats (update: Feb 2016)

Pageviews all time history                         203,975
Pageviews a month                                  2500-3500
Followers on GFC                                    504
Audience Top 3                                       Germany, United States, Japan


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