Goodbye 2o11 ♥

Oooh myyy goood time is running and 2o11 went by SO FAST!!!
Today I'd like to share a rather long post with you I'll try to write down a summary of MY year 2o11!!

Let me first explain my status back then:
- overweighted
- no school / university
- no job
- NO FUTURE [haha]

1st January 2011 - 00:00 @ C.C. Lemon Hall, Shibuya Tokyo - Japan
...watching Tatsuro (MUCC) forcing fellow musicians to eat his candy.
Later that day: Walking around Emperor's Palace

2nd Jan: Tokyo Disneyland

5th Jan: Dir en Grey, Shinkiba Studio Coast - Tokyo
6th Jan: ...Shigure
7th Jan: Men's Knuckle Models Kentaro & Hiroshi ALOHA
8th Jan: Back to Germany!

20th Jan: MUCC in Munich, Germany (including signing session, yay!)
21st Jan: My Birthday

[omg looking at this photo makes me realize that I really lost weight...haha]

3rd Feb: Job Interview for a short internship [Stadtmission Heidelberg]

7th Feb: Internship START ♥ 

4th March: Internship END

8th March: Job Interview for the next Internship [BASF]

15th March: GIRUGAMESH in Strasbourg, France
16th March: Internship START [BASF]

1st Apr: Takuma Nakata 1000+ Paper Cranes Exhibition

3rd Apr: MIYAVI in Cologne, Germany
29th Apr: Internship END

 4th May: EC Europa Campus Information Event (University)

6th - 8th May: HANAMI Ludwigshafen, Germany (Anime Convention; I've been a Volunteer there)

16th - 18th May: D Adventure in Cologne, Germany (didn't write about this event yet... but I'll never forget the 17th of May '11) (going to blog about it asap)

- EC Europa Campus (University) accepted me

15th June: Waitress Job START [Mömax]

25th June: MAXIMUM THE HORMONE in Cologne, Germany


3th - 5th July: X JAPAN in Berlin, Germany

8th July: Waitress Job END [Mömax]

15th July: Interview for an upcoming book about the VK Scene around the world

5th Aug: Sales Assistant Job START [Marktex]

13th Aug: DIR EN GREY in Bochum, Germany

3rd Sep: Heidelberg Castle Illuminations

16th - 18th Sep: CONNICHI in Kassel, Germany (Anime Convention)

1st Oct: Zombieday Heidelberg

4th Oct: University START (Public Relations & Communication Management)

14th - 16th Oct: Düsseldorf & Frankfurt, Germany (Japanday)

12th Nov: KANON X KANON X KANON in Bochum, Germany

24th Nov: Christmas Temp. Job START (Thalia)

24th Dec: Christmas Temp. Job END (Thalia) (definitely going to apply for next year as well)

December has been full of work for me, both Uni & Jobs (yeah I'm still Sales Assistant at Marktex)

I'm proud to be able to say that the year 2o11 has been a huge success story for me.

♥ gained friends
♥ lost weight 
♥ made a lot of important experiences 
♥ lots of jobs haha (expert knowledge!!)
♥ university
♥ lots of concerts (& even been part of one...)

I can't remember any year that made me happier than 2o11....and not to forget: It started in Tokyo...

Oh and a nice sidekick for today:

...it's always nice to have your favorite artists reply to you on Twitter, right?


[and thanks to everyone who read this haha]


Personal Update, Random Photos & new Nails ♥


Today I'd like to share a rather personal post
Nothing important though...only some random photos I took during the last weeks:

There has been a project week @ university and we had to create a radio feature.
I've been the one who had to speak most of the time, but I enjoyed it ♥ 

Went to Heidelberg's Christmas Market and due to the mass of Japanese tourists they started to set up Japanese signboards, haha

The current weather situation in Germany sucks...raining all the time. Everywhere.
But I kind of liked the sky that day...~

Christmas Party @University last Wednesday evening:

..everyone had to wear christmas hats and sing, yay.
You can imagine our extremely motivated singing, right?

The lucky dip gift I got at uni's christmas party dutch hot chocolate spoons! Awsome!!

It's finally getting colder these days and...
...that means I can wear my ear muffs again!!!!

...weird photo edit app...haha.

Christmas time means it's time to send out and receive Christmas Cards!!!
Some of you already know that I've got some penpals and I loooove to exchange cards, gifts & letters
Look at that christmas tree card I received a few days ago!! Amazing!!!

Speaking about christmas:
Winter nails

..pic I took during lunch break last monday or tuesday. One Piece and Tea ftw .

Didn't tell you guys yet that I got my first iPhone....:

Love the fact that you can get tons of cute cases!!!
That devil one is one of my favs I need to show you the other case I bought....! It's a bear!
Aaaah I want snow for christmas eve!!!
But it definitely wont happen...(T^T)/) 

Merry Christmas everyone
[omg I can't wait for christmas dinner...!!!]


latest fan GETS


Holidays started!!!! Ah I'm so excited ~!
Only 2 days of work left... plus I wont even think about university until NEXT YEAR!

Well well 3 days ago I promised a 'latest fan gets' post I hope it's not too boring for you...haha~
I actually enjoy supporting my favorit artists & nobody can ever say I'm NOT supporting them haha~

ONE PIECE Flying Lamb Chibi Doll Anna got this for me...thanks a lot!
K-ON!! Ritsu Maid Doll aaah there's a K-ON!! Movie in Japanese theaters right now...I'd so love to watch it!!!

SGT FROG / Keroro Gunsou Manga Vol. 9 & 10
I've been wearing my Kururu necklace yesterday & one of my coworkers was like "...hey sorry but may I ask if you're into Cosplay and that stuff...?" haha YES I AM

D-BOYS Child Plate & Cutlery bought this 2nd Hand via livejournal [mainly because of Tomo Yanagishita...]

Tomo Yanagishita Photobook got this 2nd Hand too~ [finally!!!]

Tomo Yanagishita Magazine Pages, Photo Set & Stickers [2nd Hand as well]
X Japan Sticker Set [...yeah, 2nd hand haha]

ROCK & READ Vol 35 feat Tatsurou [MUCC]
Wonderful shots

 Kiyoharu FOUR MY LIFE Photobook ♥ 

Idk how many pages it has but it weighs 950g...it's a Kiyoharu Bible
[Interested? Get it here ♥ ]

SADS Conclusion of my Babylon DVD [2nd Hand]
Kiyoharu Kagefumi DVD [2nd Hand] [still available here]
Kuroyume Headache and Dub Real Inch 1st Press Limited Edition w/ DVD [get it here]

Ah~ my fan heart is happy

Oh I need to add another pic!!
Miyavi & Kiyoharu!!
I've seen 'Miyanyan' (as Kiyoharu is calling him...) quite a few times already...
...but dear Mr. Kiyoharu....could you please move your ass to Europe?
Thank you.


Inspired by Men's Fashion...

Good evening dear Readers~!

Someone restored my data and rescured my computer!!! YAY!!!
Sorry for not blogging regularly in a while...holidays started and the only thing I have to do is one single job now, so I wont be too busy and am able to blog more often again

As you guys probably know I'm a fan of tomboy fashion...therefore it's no wonder that I'm also inspired by Men's Fashion, right?
Today I'd like to share some of my favorite men coordinates with you

This look is kind of nerdy, but I love it

Same here, you'll notice that I really like this kind of nerd look haha.

Loooove his pullover I would totally stare at him for a few seconds in rl haha

The more punky look

Tiny bit nerdier again (I guess because of the shoes/socks..?)

Totally unisex, love it.

Short pants + leggings = ♥

 ..his hair. I had to include him, sry.
[I have to admit that this is the type of men I'm into haha~ even though his face could be a tiny bit more...'ranzig'. Sorry, hard to describe in english. He's kind of looking too 'clean' for me.]

 It's a woman, but she's totally wearing UNISEX fashion as well

I want a huge backpack like that!!

Love both styles but I guess you'll never see me wearing something like that girl haha...even though I wish I could.

Not a man, but COCO LULU is definitely Unisex Fashion too someday I'll definitely buy yellow pants!!!

Upcoming posts:
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