July OOTD ♥

Been wearing almost exactly the same yesterday...so it's kind of a August OOTD post as well haha ♥

Dress: MONKI
Necklace: MINT NEKO


Cat Content ♥

Most of my readers enjoy cats, right?
I didn't post much about my own cats recently...so here I tried taking photos of them (while wearing a MINT NEKO shirt haha)

Mio's face...hilarious...he's not from earth I tell you...

Tried to take a photo with Fumi, but he preffered cuddling~
...also Mio decided to jump on my back while cuddling with Fumi....not amused!

Mio also started cleaning Fumi...and I joined haha~
Don't you think the little neighbour cat I'm always taking photos of could be one of us?


Hot, hot summer..

A few weeks ago it started to become REALLY hot in Germany!
I'll show the exact temperatures later~
Fortunately it has cooled down again and I can sleep peacefully again

My dear neighbour cat Jiji enjoyed the sun
I was surprised I actually enjoyed it too...

Received this HK Chocolate Heart for Valentine's Day & just ate it in July haha...little late~
still tasty though

I also went to Frankfurt with Suttyny!!!
There's a small French/Japanese café I already introduced a few months (or years?) ago~
Totally had to show this Suttyny's boyfriend (he has never been to Frankfurt) cake for everyone!!

Suttyny & her shopping bags
Also a piece of Frankfurt...xD (not at it's best haha)

Nora asked me whether I'd like to take a sun bath...and so we did

Half naked Nora drinking~
& my favorite drink of 2013 to the right

Sun bathing with Mickey~

Got new tights~ (hopefully brave enough to wear these out someday...)
Also got a little sun burn when I was chilling at a BBQ...now ONE side of my shoulder is tanned. Good job.

The weather both in C° and F°...check "Samstag" (Saturday)

One of my summer jobs 2013!
Been working for a quite big fashion house that sells well known design brands.
I've been in charge of the kids section (because kids need design brand clothing, exactly).


Mutsessions: DEATHGAZE in Cologne, GER - 2013/07/09

This Mutsession post will be....full of fangirlish stuff.
If you don't like stuff like that - shut this page. Now.

Let's begin with something I only do on Japanese concerts:

Handing out presents.
Since I was in Japan and saw how normal it is to give gifts to the bands...I am brave enough to do it over here as well. Also the band asked for certain things...and this is what we gave them. Hope they enjoyed it, haha.

This is what I was looking like when heading to Cologne with Anna

It was actually the same venue we already visited to see Calmando Qual a few months ago!
To be honest I really like this one, even though it's small.
You'll always find me at the same spot...and it's perfect.
Though this time there were A TON OF PEOPLE and it got super crowded!!!

DEATHGAZE are pretty hard and I actually lost my fake lashes while banging my head off hahahah.
Thank you, Ai! Thanks to you my Makeup was gone, my hair was a mess and I was all wet.
Ai, the vocal of DEATHGAZE suprised me a lot. When I started to listen to DEATHGAZE around 2008 I didn't care about the band members at all. I just knew their songs and it was love on first sight.
A few years later I stumbled on an artist photo of DEATHGAZE and watched one of their PV's. Thinking they are one of the most ugly Japanese bands I just continued ignoring the guys behind the music. The music is the most important fact why I love them anyway.
Then someday I started to follow Ai on Twitter. There I got to know that he's obsessed with cats and actually pretty cool. Anna and me sincerely called him "Aichan", because on the outside he's that hardcore guy singing and playing guitar for a metal band and wearing black metal makeup. But on the inside he loves cats and is covering everything in cats and cute stuff. He also sometimes writes like a cat.
We stopped calling him Ai-chan as soon as he got on stage.
At first I was quite amused as Ai was acting like "Hey look at me I'm a super cool rockstar! Wohoo!" but this changed during the 2nd song.
I can't remember what he was playing...but his live attitude is...enormous.
I never thought I would say this but he's really - and I mean REALLY- sexy. Sexy isn't even enough.
As soon as he felt comfortable on stage he became a beast and obviously enjoyed the fans reactions.
Those stares..those fingers...everything he did said "oh come on girls...you wish you'd be the one I'm ******* tonight!"
Sorry for those words, but I can't describe it in any other way.
DEATHGAZE did an amazing job with heating up the crowd. Everyone was shaking their bodies and banging their heads.
Ai froze 99% of the crowd when he started to slide one of his fingers into his mouth. Then sliding a second finger in...followed by his whole hand...FOLLOWED BY THE WHOLE F*CKING MICROPHONE!!!
Who does something like that?! I mean...why do you swallow your micro?! What do you want to say, Ai?!
I was speachless - just like everyone else.
Ai enjoyed the live to the max. And so did the rest of the band.

When the live was over I was happy to breath some fresh air. As it was hot outside the temperature inside the venue reached about 45°C. I was going to die.
Photo above shows cologne's famous cathedral it's a must-see!

DEATHGAZE sold those amazing tank top's and a few other things
Even though it was onesize I had to buy it and tada - it fits! Yay!
Also bought a plectrum set that I already admired on this blog a few years ago haha...was super happy to see them sold!!!! 

I will never forget this night. THANK YOU DEATHGAZE hope I'll see you again!!

To end this I'll quote Ai's plectrum:



Work it!

Aaah~ sorry guys I've been busier than I thought I would...
I'll announce the winner of my Giveaway ASAP still have to sort out some entries...
Meanwhile, please enjoy this update of my life

Matcha Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream!  

My beloved neighbour

I chose to call this post "work it" because I'd like to talk about work~ 
(haha, makes sense...)
So as soon as exams were over I was looking for a job (because omg I need money - as much as possible).
Unfortunately I chose the wrong job at first...
It was a night shift job...producing car accessories.
I didn't mind working 22:30 - 6:30.....but I couldn't stand destryoing my complete hands.
Cuts, blisters...just everything.
I also hurt my shoulder and am still in pain when carrying heavy things...it sucks.
I told my boss that I can't work at that position and if he would mind placing me in another position.
I showed him my bloody hands and told him about my shoulder...also that it's impossible for me to be all by myself for 8 hours - without music and human beings. The 2nd night was really horrible...out of 8 hours I cried like 5 hours straight.
When my boss answered "Oh come on...it could be worse. That's normal over there. Just continue doing it." I knew what to do - get the fuck out of this company.
And so I did.
Took the photo of myself right after the 2nd night shift. For working the whole night and crying more than half of it I was still looking pretty good haha.
Right shot shows my beloved Inuchi (by SATOchi (MUCC))

Part of the town I live in
And a photo I took for world kissing day~

My alien cat Mio
And part of a small festival I've been to with some friends


Both Miyavi and Kiyoharu are very important to me.
Seeing the two of them together and calling each other "Kiyonyan" & "Miyanyan" just makes my fan-heart beat so bad.

Also this shot...
Please ignore the super creepy movie thing in the middle...
Just look at my future husband Tatsurou & Yukke next to him

And to end this post title-related:

Part of the uniform I'm wearing for my current job
I had another 1-week job 7/22 ~ 7/27 at a fashion center and I loved it
This one where I'm wearing the turquoise shirt at isn't bad at all too finally~

Hope you guys are satisfied with the jobs you got!

Today I kind of realized that I can't imagine life without work...
I'm used to have jobs since I am 18...so I'm totally fine with it.
I need the money...and it's kinda fun (as long as it's a job you like).
Though I enjoy every free day - and am looking forward to university start!


June Outfits ♥

This is my first outfit-only post...!
I didn't take really good shots...because it's just impossible~
But maybe...if you guys like this one...I'll try to do this more often & include detail shots of accessories etc.

Skirt: H&M
Leggings: BOY LONDON (it's a fake though)
Necklace: monomania
Shoes: Bullboxer

Love the shirts print & material

Dress: esprit
Cardigan: H&M
Tights: C&A
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: MINT NEKO

This outfit is super unusual...but I found this dress on sale and...I thought I should give it a try
I wish you could see more of the boots though...! There are flowers on them!!

So..what do you think about posts like this...?


CLG #7: June - Cat Content!

Good evening everyone
Wohoo, already blogging about June xD (and it's the only post about June!!)

So lately I've been eating a lot of asian food...but I can't complain hoho though this shot is rather silly...!
Cat Content #1: Nora's cats

Cat Content #2: MINT NEKO 5th Anniversary Book
When CD Japan told me they had this in stock...I couldn't resists D:
the extra bag is quite big actually!!!

Did I mention that I started running?
Well, this is the park I'm usually at

Running shots!

Face shortly before falling asleep~

Ordered an album including stickers for my polaroids

My mom sent this photo of my cat to me...
...I couldn't resist editing it. Mio is just....well....Mio.

See who's stalking me after running! White cat!
And no I didn't see Monster University yet (;____________;) actually went to see World War Z and bought the Monster Set

I also finally received my internship contract
Tokyo 14/01/06 ~ 14/06/06
Can't wait...!!

And last but not least:
Friendly snail greeting me on my way home