Work it!

Aaah~ sorry guys I've been busier than I thought I would...
I'll announce the winner of my Giveaway ASAP still have to sort out some entries...
Meanwhile, please enjoy this update of my life

Matcha Cake and Vanilla Ice Cream!  

My beloved neighbour

I chose to call this post "work it" because I'd like to talk about work~ 
(haha, makes sense...)
So as soon as exams were over I was looking for a job (because omg I need money - as much as possible).
Unfortunately I chose the wrong job at first...
It was a night shift job...producing car accessories.
I didn't mind working 22:30 - 6:30.....but I couldn't stand destryoing my complete hands.
Cuts, blisters...just everything.
I also hurt my shoulder and am still in pain when carrying heavy things...it sucks.
I told my boss that I can't work at that position and if he would mind placing me in another position.
I showed him my bloody hands and told him about my shoulder...also that it's impossible for me to be all by myself for 8 hours - without music and human beings. The 2nd night was really horrible...out of 8 hours I cried like 5 hours straight.
When my boss answered "Oh come on...it could be worse. That's normal over there. Just continue doing it." I knew what to do - get the fuck out of this company.
And so I did.
Took the photo of myself right after the 2nd night shift. For working the whole night and crying more than half of it I was still looking pretty good haha.
Right shot shows my beloved Inuchi (by SATOchi (MUCC))

Part of the town I live in
And a photo I took for world kissing day~

My alien cat Mio
And part of a small festival I've been to with some friends


Both Miyavi and Kiyoharu are very important to me.
Seeing the two of them together and calling each other "Kiyonyan" & "Miyanyan" just makes my fan-heart beat so bad.

Also this shot...
Please ignore the super creepy movie thing in the middle...
Just look at my future husband Tatsurou & Yukke next to him

And to end this post title-related:

Part of the uniform I'm wearing for my current job
I had another 1-week job 7/22 ~ 7/27 at a fashion center and I loved it
This one where I'm wearing the turquoise shirt at isn't bad at all too finally~

Hope you guys are satisfied with the jobs you got!

Today I kind of realized that I can't imagine life without work...
I'm used to have jobs since I am 18...so I'm totally fine with it.
I need the money...and it's kinda fun (as long as it's a job you like).
Though I enjoy every free day - and am looking forward to university start!

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