COCOLULU Spring Collection 2011 ☆ part II

Here we go ♥
2nd Part


[or whatever you like to call it, haha~]

♥ Enjoy ♥

Have a break, have a C&L! ☆

LOVE the college jacket outfit!!!!

COCOLULU Denim Collection

Harem inspired jeans ♥ I'm a fan of that trend

dungarees...wish I could wear them, but oh hell no - wont ever try it


You can't own enough COCOLULU accessories ♥

3rd (&last) part coming soon ♥


COCOLULU Spring Collection 2011 ☆ part I

Here we go ♥

Just scanned the first part of the new 

[or whatever you like to call it, haha~]


♥ Enjoy ♥

Love the one Tsugumi is wearing ♥ 
& the HEARTFUL Set next to her~

Definitely want the VIPS BIG PARKA in blue ♥

Argh...the college jacket....wonderful ♥

KATAKANA SERIES look pretty cool, too ♥
& I love the BIG FACE CAP

....scanner almost swallowed the white shirts, sry.

Look forward to the next part



CO&LU GET о(ж>▽<)y ☆

Headline speaks for itself:

I got something by CO&LU ♥ woohoo!!

Ordered via Mukunoki

You can get stuff by CO&LU here



Fortunately my real name begins with 'C' so that kind of CO&LU logo suits me ♥

....I wont ever cut that....string with a heart and...label...-thing

the 'C' ♥

Oh & I didn't just get the bag, I've been lucky to grab a school offer including 8 unique school items

Have a look:

Sticker ♥

Magazine & Catalogue ♥
[which I'll scan for you later ♥]

Pencil case with 2 floors ♥

Pen ♥

Textmarker ♥

Adress label ♥ [going to fill it with some pictures instead of my adress]

Button ♥

...& a mirror ♥

The set was definitely worth it ♥
[about ¥3900]


Review: GATSBY hair color GRAY

Thank you very much for your kind words about my new hair color ♥
Actually I had gray hair several times before, but well yeah...new reader may not know that.

The times before I either used 'Directions' (German hair color brand) or charged my hair dresser to color my hair GRAY
[Guess you can imagine their reactions, haha ♥]

Gray is an unbelievable strenuous hair color, really.
It's fading away after a few days, woohoo.

Let your hair dresser do it: Your hair will be gray up to 2 weeks, then it's ash blonde.
Use 'Directions': 2 days gray, then blonde again.

Now what to do...gray is an awsome color & I love to wear it.
Fortunately Japanese don't care about "unrealistic" haircolors.

Welcome 'GATSBY' !
Pretty popular Japanese brand.
[You should check out one fo their cm's here, hilarious]

I knew about their gray haircolour for boys trough the internet & was able to buy it during my stay in Tokyo ♥

Let's see how it turned out:

This is the package, computer animated guy with gray hair.
[I mentioned "unrealistic" before, right?]

Believing this table my hair should definitely turn out gray.

The substance:

1 bottle & 1 tube
Just mix them, shake 'em & everything's ready.

It's very easy to understand the Japanese instruction - just look at the pictures.

Beautiful model, eh?

The whole procedure took about 35 mins ♥.

Hair before & after.
Unfortunately my camera didn't want to show my actual hair color which was way more blonde/almost yellow before. Plus the 'after' was way darker, too....haha.

Let's have a look at that photo for example, took it on the same day:

My hair was close to purple.

Now, 9 days after:

Almost white, haha~
Let's see how fast it's going back to blonde again.
I should stop loving gray hair.


I would definitely buy GATSBY haircolor again, the result was stunning, it's easy to apply & super fast ♥


Short (HAHA) update about myself ♥

Alright, it's a post about me, myself and Mutsumi hi~! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

I know I'm a little late, but...on 21st January...I turned 21!!! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

My mom made this cake for me:

Unbelievable yummy ♥ look at the red bunny heads~

Later that day I went to celebrate with friends:

...as you can see they had fun, haha ♥

oh my...no, I wasn't drunk. I just look like...dunno, can't describe it.
 (I'm the girl on the left btw)

Well...lately I did quite a lot.
Whether it was preparing for internships or hangin' out with friends...let the photos speak ♥:

Funny faces, woohoo ♥ & my hand looks huuuuge~

...oh, speaking about huge:

Some weeks ago I went to an American Diner~
They sell monster burger....this is actually just a small part.

Using the litlle slot to put in your straw?
Ha! Never! It's way cooler to miss it kill the plastic cover with your own power.

Carneval gal accessories for everyone ♥

The "Hanging out with friends" part:

The internship part:

Yup, this was my workplace for 4 weeks.
Currently I'm enjoying an internship at BASF for 6 weeks ♥

...random photos:

Haha, what a sense for fashion.

Foggy streets ♥

My boyfriend.
Funny advertisement:
"We don't mind your look. It's your voice that counts!"
...haha, as if.

Me looking like an octopus.

...stalking Mew's axolotl

Tattooed arm & a hammock : creepy riddle? ♥

Aaaaand last but not least: 

My hair is finally gray again!!♥

Thanks for reading & sorry for the huge picspam (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

See you latoer  ALIGATOR