Review: GATSBY hair color GRAY

Thank you very much for your kind words about my new hair color ♥
Actually I had gray hair several times before, but well yeah...new reader may not know that.

The times before I either used 'Directions' (German hair color brand) or charged my hair dresser to color my hair GRAY
[Guess you can imagine their reactions, haha ♥]

Gray is an unbelievable strenuous hair color, really.
It's fading away after a few days, woohoo.

Let your hair dresser do it: Your hair will be gray up to 2 weeks, then it's ash blonde.
Use 'Directions': 2 days gray, then blonde again.

Now what to do...gray is an awsome color & I love to wear it.
Fortunately Japanese don't care about "unrealistic" haircolors.

Welcome 'GATSBY' !
Pretty popular Japanese brand.
[You should check out one fo their cm's here, hilarious]

I knew about their gray haircolour for boys trough the internet & was able to buy it during my stay in Tokyo ♥

Let's see how it turned out:

This is the package, computer animated guy with gray hair.
[I mentioned "unrealistic" before, right?]

Believing this table my hair should definitely turn out gray.

The substance:

1 bottle & 1 tube
Just mix them, shake 'em & everything's ready.

It's very easy to understand the Japanese instruction - just look at the pictures.

Beautiful model, eh?

The whole procedure took about 35 mins ♥.

Hair before & after.
Unfortunately my camera didn't want to show my actual hair color which was way more blonde/almost yellow before. Plus the 'after' was way darker, too....haha.

Let's have a look at that photo for example, took it on the same day:

My hair was close to purple.

Now, 9 days after:

Almost white, haha~
Let's see how fast it's going back to blonde again.
I should stop loving gray hair.


I would definitely buy GATSBY haircolor again, the result was stunning, it's easy to apply & super fast ♥

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