German vibe in Tokyo ♥ (& Mutsession: THE RHEDORIC ♥)

Good evening everyone!!
This year I really came to like TRUMPROOM and back in March when Anna and Sashi were visiting me I couldn't resist showing them my new favorite club

Also one of my most loyal readers, Yuku ♥, has been in Tokyo as well and we took the opportunity to hang out immediately
L: my drunk face (lol)
R: pre-club-dinner

Anna, Felix, Me

Club Shot

L: right before heading home around 5:30 am (Me, Yuku, Anna, Felix)
R: Post-Club Shinjuku Daylight

Do you guys remember that I'm working for MJP?
Well, Tua is another WTM of MJP and I was glad to meet her in person
R: Dumb-Face-Purikura FTW

Only a couple days later Anna, Laura and I went to a super small Gothic Event
I tried my recent favorite make up and this is what the club was looking like:

Nice, right?

Best Shopping Mix:

I also went to another HARAJUKU FASHION WALK EVENT
I'll upload more pictures if you guys are interested in seeing them


2nd pierce on the left side and HFW

Purikura Time with Anna
(actually a Purikura Machine with seats...!!)

L:  my very first Harness

I was super lucky to be in Japan while THE RHEDORIC had their first Oneman in Tokyo!!!!
As they are still super small (even though their Guitarist is ex-12012 and their drummer supports Kuroyume) the event hall has been small and crowded as f*ck.

Those of you who've been to Japanese concerts already know that you have to buy a drink ticket. Softdrinks are actually the same prize as alcoholic drinks...so who the hell is going to get a Softdrink?
I took Gin Tonic
As if the live hasn't been great enough the super friendly band members decided to have some drinks with the fans after. R shows how Yusuke (Guitar) is leisurely sitting down on the floor while talking to a few fans and smoking.

The reason why I started listening to this band was this guy, Shigure (Bass). Some readers might remember his name (I've also been to one of his concerts in 2011).
And yeah, of course I've been too shy to talk to him. Again.

But! 3-Shot with Anna and Tomo!

Aaaaand 4-Shot with Yusuke (Guitar) and Yuji (Vocal) ♥♥♥
Yusuke took the chance to talk to us and told us that he has been to Germany once. When we told him that we know about that because we've been to his concert in Munich he was super shocked. Why? Because the concert we were talking about happened to be in 2006 haha
It was nice to listen to your play again after 8 years, Yusuke!

Give them a listen if you haven't already

And btw: 
Would you like me to upload the Harajuku Fashion Walk Shots?


Spending the days with Japanese Students

Work has been a big part of my Tokyo Trip and I made some wonderful memories. One of my favorite memories has been spending 5 days with Japanese Students studying German in a far away sports hall.

I had to get up early to catch my bus to Nasu -the place I'd be with Japanese strangers all by myself for 5 days. At first I was scared to be there even without my boss...but I came to enjoy this trip in a blink.

This is what the sports hall was looking like...I guess you can't compare it to usual University sport halls in Germany.

Had to say goodbye to my shoes for 5 days as well - been wearing those green slippers the whole time

Well, at least until you have to go to the bath room - slipper changing time!

This is what my sleeping room was looking like 7 Japanese Girls - and me right in the middle.
The purpose of the trip was to support one of the 7 student groups during their German lessons. I was super proud to see so many young people on the other side of the world studying my mother language and being interested in what I do every day.

Even though I was looking forward to go back to Tokyo it was an amazing time and I'd love to join this event again

Back in Tokyo Anna was waiting for me and one of our first stops was the One Piece Store in Shibuya
You won't believe how big it is until you see it with your own eyes

This Dragonball x One Piece Statue in front of Shibuya PARCO has been impressing as well

Took this shot on my room mates birthday

....couldn't leave Shibuya without some Shopping.

Anna's, Sashi's and my wallet match quite well

...do I post too many food pictures?

Anna and her soulmate
and my lovely penpal with her even more lovely son

Non-alcoholic drinks for a change

..and some Purikura in the end

Could you nowadays live without your smartphone for 5 days?
I've been pretty busy supporting my students but it was hard to lie down in the evening without being able to check my friends messages...especially when you're surrounded by complete strangers


UFO CATCHER, thick Hair & a Toilet

I took around 195 photos in March and tried to break them down to 2-3 posts...though there'll be 4 posts as March might have been my most adventurous month

It started with a festival called "BATTLE OF KING MONSTERS" in Shinjuku - I've been there to see DEATHGAZE but the whole LINE UP has been amazing:
Battle Gargoyle
バトルノーゴッド (NoGoD)
アヲイ (AWOI)

Gargoyle's Toshi threw this right into my face haha
Also finally got me a Japanese cellphone and received a SoftBank bento box for free

Went to Alice Café Shibuya with friends some days later

Super cute decoration, right? This is supposed to look like the cheshire cat

SHIBUYA THE GAME became one of my favorite live houses been there to see friends playing on tiny festivals

Can I please have some Nabe Restaurants in Germany?
I wouldn't mind some Kame in Germany as well....

Yes, this is me posing with a toilet.
(and some anime goods hoho ♥)

Fancy English School Opening & another night at PINKS

My favorite coffee at work

And a beautiful day in Shibuya
It was quite necessary to doll up like this...

...if you're going to hang out with people looking like that.

Also got my first extensions that day!! Wohoo thick hair!!


Sashi came to visit Japan during March as well

Last but not least: hilarious promo in Shinjuku

Do you enjoy Ufo Catcher Games?
I could spend hours in a Game Center to be honest...and I guess I'm not bad at winning the tiny things