UFO CATCHER, thick Hair & a Toilet

I took around 195 photos in March and tried to break them down to 2-3 posts...though there'll be 4 posts as March might have been my most adventurous month

It started with a festival called "BATTLE OF KING MONSTERS" in Shinjuku - I've been there to see DEATHGAZE but the whole LINE UP has been amazing:
Battle Gargoyle
バトルノーゴッド (NoGoD)
アヲイ (AWOI)

Gargoyle's Toshi threw this right into my face haha
Also finally got me a Japanese cellphone and received a SoftBank bento box for free

Went to Alice Café Shibuya with friends some days later

Super cute decoration, right? This is supposed to look like the cheshire cat

SHIBUYA THE GAME became one of my favorite live houses been there to see friends playing on tiny festivals

Can I please have some Nabe Restaurants in Germany?
I wouldn't mind some Kame in Germany as well....

Yes, this is me posing with a toilet.
(and some anime goods hoho ♥)

Fancy English School Opening & another night at PINKS

My favorite coffee at work

And a beautiful day in Shibuya
It was quite necessary to doll up like this...

...if you're going to hang out with people looking like that.

Also got my first extensions that day!! Wohoo thick hair!!


Sashi came to visit Japan during March as well

Last but not least: hilarious promo in Shinjuku

Do you enjoy Ufo Catcher Games?
I could spend hours in a Game Center to be honest...and I guess I'm not bad at winning the tiny things

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