Being a Tourist ~ Meet me at Asakusa - Part II

More photos of Asakusa

What a beautiful sky....!
Fortunately it wasn't too cold during my stay in Tokyo ♥

Amazing bags ♥ Cats everwhere!

Traditional clothing~

Johnny's shop!! (They are EVERYWHERE)

Lots of sweets ♥
Argh I fell in love with Tokyo Banana !!
Did you ever try them?
I couldn't believe it...they are so soft and fhdshso!!

One of my favorite photos...♥
You know it's the year of the rabbit, right?
That sign looks so wonderful in that area ♥

Side street~

Hozomon ♥ just a few more steps to Senso-ji!

There'll be a 3rd part ♥ see you again soon


Being a Tourist ~ Meet me at Asakusa - Part I

Let's take a look at the more traditional days I spent in Tokyo ♥
Well to be honest I only spent about...uhm...let's say about 2 hours in Asakusa~
buuuut~ it was worth it!

& I have to admit...I imagined Asakusa to be different. A lot.
I thought it would be a whole area in traditional style ...like stuffed with old houses & a lot of shrines and so on.
But...right when I left the station...Tokyo was looking the same as always.
I was like "Wtf...? This is Asakusa? Did I choose the wrong exit?"
But no, I was at the right exit.
I just had to turn right, walk down the street and then there it was:
A pretty crowded street, beginning with Kaminarimon (photo below)...& filled with tourists & trashy shops.
Ugh...ok, let's go.

Kaminarimon ~

Crowded Street

Trashy Shop

Trashy Shop

Trashy Shop

Trashy Shop

Trashy Shop

Ice Cream Shop!!!!!
Most of you probably heard about the strange Japanese ice cream flavours before...
Well, this is the shop I heard about the most...(*____*)
They offered rose-flavour and so on...I chose Sweet Potatoe (*____*)
& it was amazing!!!!! I want to eat it again!!
It was just like I would bite into a real -ice cold- sweet potatoe ♥

Trashy Shop again

& last but not least: a Kimono / Yukata shop!
...but I don't think they offer good quality Kimono....
this street is made for tourists & their view of Japan. 

There'll be a 2nd & 3rd part ♥  
 so stay tuned ♥ 


Comiket / Comic Market - 29th December Tokyo Big Sight - Part IV

Alright, back to my Comiket posts xD♥
Still interested in seeing Cosplay ? haha~

Seen a lot of rabbit Cosplays...guess because 2011 is the year of the rabbit.

It's England and America ♥

Yanki Boys looking great ♥

Wonderful, that's what I call a succeeding Cosplay pose ♥

Quite not sure whether this is a guy or girl...

....very arrogant guys. Don't cosplay if you don't want to pose for photos pls...

Oh my...you should have seen these girls with your own eyes. So...sexy (x___X)~

PS: Uploaded the photos in "large" this time...do you prefer medium (like I posted them before) or this size?



- insert loud drums here -

!!!!!! DANG DANG DANG !!!!!

finally going to announce the winner, haha ♥


Sofie from Stockholm ♥


Visit her blog here

Sorry to everyone who didn't win, maybe next time...♥


Postponing announcement

Today should be the day I'm accouncing the winner of my first giveaway, but...

...due to several circumanstances I have to postpone the announcement to
friday, 18th february.

I deeply apologize for the inconvenience!

PS: Blogspot/Google says I can't upload photos anymore because I've reached the max of 1 GB...I don't want to delete old entries, so...do you have any ideas to avoid deleting all the photos to upload new ones?

PPS: Happy Valentine!!


Harajuku - Money? Oh ...I heard about that stuff before.... Part II

Part II of my Harajuku Report

More crowded street photos....haha

It's Bodyline, guess everyone knows that store.

Amazing store!!!!
Didn't go in because I was afraid tho....what a pity.


Leaving Takeshita Dori...walking through the area around Laforet to find "Modern Pirate".

In the end we were walking around and were kind of lost...so we started to talk to random guys to ask for "Modern Pirates" (It's a store btw).

Kinda liked that shop decoration ♥ it was an amazing area anyway.
Now I'm going to show you the stuff I bought in Harajuku:
(I didn't take pictures of the clothes yet...haha, sry)

The hat the hat the hat the hat ♥ WONDERFUL COLORFUL

Fell in love with that "glasses" (it's a pin)
&& Shiina Ringo ♥♥♥

My first Usamimi! It was cheap...so I had to buy it, haha ♥

To be honest I bought that One Piece cap in Shibuya...dunno why I sorted it to the Harajuku stuff....
See the Heart suspenders? Bought them at ACDC

Very cheap but cool lashes & a cute pen ♥

Bodyline big hair ribbon ♥
&& SBY hair accessory~

Vivienne Westwood necklace ♥
Definitely have to take a better photo soon!!!!
It's waaaaay more beautiful than this photo shows!!!

Ah, took a pic of one of the pants I bought there~
"Brand" : Drug Honey

And this is what Drug Honey looks like when wearin' it~
I love pants like that ☻


Harajuku - Money? Oh ...I heard about that stuff before.... Part I

So now it's time to talk about the place I spent most of my money...


This part contains pictures around the station and a part of Takeshita Dori.
Next part will be about Takeshita Dori, shops around Laforet and the stuff I bought.

Well, let's start at the station.
I stood on the famous Harajuku Bridge and noticed this bus:

Hachi Bus ♥ So tiny & cute

Looking down the bridge: tracks ♥

Cool store close to the station ♥
I'm definitely going to buy at least one shirt next time!

The very famous entry of Takeshita Dori:

Such a tiny crowded street...

....and a whole ton of Idol shops.

Gazette Cosplay stuff, Hide merchandise and well...everything you need to look like your favorite J-Rock Musician, haha ♥.

SBY Happy Room. Creepy name.
 Happy Room...m-hm.

Great cheap crowded store.

Wonderful colours....♥

Harajuku really is 100% like you imagine it to be...just MORE CROWDED.
Shops to the right...shops to the left...shops right in front of your face...shops above your head...and shops under your feet. Wtf.
It took a whole day to explore this single street. Not bad.

Look forward to the next part ♥

PS: I wont be able to comment back on non-disqus blogs this week..it's kinda strange but my laptop doesn't allow me to comment via blogspot/google....wtf.