Harajuku - Money? Oh ...I heard about that stuff before.... Part I

So now it's time to talk about the place I spent most of my money...


This part contains pictures around the station and a part of Takeshita Dori.
Next part will be about Takeshita Dori, shops around Laforet and the stuff I bought.

Well, let's start at the station.
I stood on the famous Harajuku Bridge and noticed this bus:

Hachi Bus ♥ So tiny & cute

Looking down the bridge: tracks ♥

Cool store close to the station ♥
I'm definitely going to buy at least one shirt next time!

The very famous entry of Takeshita Dori:

Such a tiny crowded street...

....and a whole ton of Idol shops.

Gazette Cosplay stuff, Hide merchandise and well...everything you need to look like your favorite J-Rock Musician, haha ♥.

SBY Happy Room. Creepy name.
 Happy Room...m-hm.

Great cheap crowded store.

Wonderful colours....♥

Harajuku really is 100% like you imagine it to be...just MORE CROWDED.
Shops to the right...shops to the left...shops right in front of your face...shops above your head...and shops under your feet. Wtf.
It took a whole day to explore this single street. Not bad.

Look forward to the next part ♥

PS: I wont be able to comment back on non-disqus blogs this week..it's kinda strange but my laptop doesn't allow me to comment via blogspot/google....wtf.

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