Harajuku - Money? Oh ...I heard about that stuff before.... Part II

Part II of my Harajuku Report

More crowded street photos....haha

It's Bodyline, guess everyone knows that store.

Amazing store!!!!
Didn't go in because I was afraid tho....what a pity.


Leaving Takeshita Dori...walking through the area around Laforet to find "Modern Pirate".

In the end we were walking around and were kind of lost...so we started to talk to random guys to ask for "Modern Pirates" (It's a store btw).

Kinda liked that shop decoration ♥ it was an amazing area anyway.
Now I'm going to show you the stuff I bought in Harajuku:
(I didn't take pictures of the clothes yet...haha, sry)

The hat the hat the hat the hat ♥ WONDERFUL COLORFUL

Fell in love with that "glasses" (it's a pin)
&& Shiina Ringo ♥♥♥

My first Usamimi! It was cheap...so I had to buy it, haha ♥

To be honest I bought that One Piece cap in Shibuya...dunno why I sorted it to the Harajuku stuff....
See the Heart suspenders? Bought them at ACDC

Very cheap but cool lashes & a cute pen ♥

Bodyline big hair ribbon ♥
&& SBY hair accessory~

Vivienne Westwood necklace ♥
Definitely have to take a better photo soon!!!!
It's waaaaay more beautiful than this photo shows!!!

Ah, took a pic of one of the pants I bought there~
"Brand" : Drug Honey

And this is what Drug Honey looks like when wearin' it~
I love pants like that ☻

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ゆき said...

einfach Liebe ;---;
und die Sachen, die du dir gekauft hast, vorallem diese Hose♥
Awwww~ ;0;