KERA 12/05

Both the scans I downloaded @zasshiko and the pages of KERA in general were really disappointing this time...D:

Let me share some good spots of the May issue with you though:

Eh..I don't like this months cover

 ..but I love this months' PIKO

KERA Coords:

This Outfit is really cool I don't like purple though haha

 ...I still don't understand why some people have to place their watermark across faces.
Left shot is a good example for the rather bad quality of these scans...sigh~

This one is extremely cute, too.... Not for daily wear though D: I wish I could pull off outfits like that

Street Snaps:

And some shoes I like:

  ♥ ♥ ♥

PS: sorry for the messy layout of this post...haha; had too much fun playing around


Trying to pull off blonde...

Good evening

How's everyones weekend?
Mine has been okay so far.
I spent thursday with my mom (no university until monday, yay), went to work on Friday, spent Friday Night and Saturday with Anna and am going to work again tomorrow.

Last week I tried to include my blonde Cosplay wig into a kind of going out style and took the chance to review the Make Up Brushes I received from Bornprettystore along with the Nail Art Brushes I've been reviewing [here] almost 2 weeks ago.

Let's have a look at the brushes first:
 For $7.17 you receive 7 Make Up Brushes and a fitting Make Up bag ( I chose to get the black one; bornprettystore offer quite some more colors).

 Each brush was seperately wrapped in foil.

My set includes:

Powder / Blush Brush
I tried to use it for applying blush but I find it too soft, it's perfect for applying powder though.

Large Round Eyeshadow Brush

  Small Round Eyeshadow Brush
 Both Small And Large Round Brushes are perfect for applying and blending

Lash & Brow Comb (Dual Tips)
Eyeshadow / Eye Definer Brush
You can easily draw super detailed lines with this one!!

Lipstick Brush
Perfect size and not too soft~

Small Lip Line Brush
As I'm not using any Lip Liners I've been using this Brush for Gel Eye Liner - worked!

Blurry shot...but it's kind of a cool preview shot haha

iPhone shots follow:
 Make Up Close Up
See the thin lines? I wasn't able to do it this accurately before..my old Make Up Brush is kinda scratchy.

 Packing             ★
(air cushion envelope )   
Shipping period  ★
(free shipping worldwide - approximately 2 weeks) 
Service               ★
("Thank you" Card & fast/friendly communication via email) 
(almost nothing to complain only fact I didn't like: no Blush Brush)  

Product in General 

It's worth it to check out their Twitter/facebook you'll always find some nice Giveaways or discounts.
There's also a blog where bornprettystore shares nail art & Giveaways:
And don't forget to use this code to get 5% off:


Fashion Inspiration Post April #2 ♥


As I mentioned before in Fashion Inspiration Post #1 a few days ago:
I still have some photos left...but don't you worry, this will be the last Inspiration post for April haha.

Let's start, as usual, with monomania Staff coords:

I especially like the left one I need to buy a plain top and add a few studs asap...~

The guy on the left = (yes, not only the clothes haha)

  Take a look at the shoes the girl on the left is wearing...I would kill to get them!
(btw; her hair is a monomania wig)
& I feel like I wore the outfit on the right quite a few times already

 This summer I'm definitely going to buy short black pants!!!

 The shirt on the left is amazing...and yeah, the down hanging black cloth is part of the gray shirt.

 I like how in Japan it is totally okay to wear wigs for fashion...

LEft: monomania wig again

monomania items I'd like to buy:


 Super cute D: 

 Skirt: LOVE
Blazer: NEED IT

COCO LULU coords & items:

 Both are extremely cute

 I would look like a trash bag wearing the overall thingie on the right side...but it looks adorable.
Same with the pants.

& last but not least:
Random inspirational pictures:

One word only: Stunning.

 Shiratama wearing a super cute wig while still pulling off her typical make up

Kiyoharu Shirt I WANT TO BUY ASAP

PS: I recently got the new Volume of KERA BOKU. Are you guys interested in scans? I almost had a heart attack while looking at it.