Mutsessions: Satsuki x Kaya 24th Feb '12 Cologne, Germany

Good evening everybody

Weekend came to its end and I'll share some photos of my latest concert trip with you today


Coupling tours are amazing I didn't know much about Kaya, but I'm a big fan of Satsuki~! I saw him performing with Rentrer en Soi in Germany before (...2009?)

Anna and me jumped on a train in the morning, it took us about 3 1/2 hrs to arrive in Cologne
I chose to include my hand in that photo because of Sho's (Golden Bomber) stay in Cologne right during the same time, haha

Doors opened at 20:00 so we decided to have lunch in Cologne and enjoy a day in the city.

First stop:
Restaurant Fuji
[Told you that it's not possible to have Japanese food in our area right? Therefore we're always heading to Japanese restaurants in big cities haha]

Second stop:
Dunkin Donuts!
[There's no Dunkin Donuts Store around our hometown...~]

Anna & Me in front of Dunkin Donuts
[Shigure (drizzle) destroyed my flat hair ;;]

Tea and Hot Chocolate Coffee at Café Ande Orlando

...and Cocktails right across the street of the concert venue 3,90€ only!!
[I had a Hurricane~]

And exatly at 8 pm the doors opened:

I stood right next to this signed poster
& look at the little bear he drew... too cute

Merchandise I bought:
Kaya Folder (super beautiful!)
Kaya Button (for Sashi )
Satsuki Sticker
Satsuki Polaroid (signed!)

Some words about the concert:
(it wasn't allowed to take pictures, sorry)
Kaya started the show; he was surprisingly good!
I loved Kaya's outfits
♥ I didn't like the venue
♥ Tall people should NOT stand in the front rows
♥ Satsuki has been amazing
♥ Satsuki's english was surprisingly good!
Satsuki sung "Ode an die Freude (Ode to joy; Music: Beethoven; Lyrics: Schiller)" in German!!!!
Satsuki sung "Veil of Maria" ♥♥♥ (one of my favorite songs)
For encore both of them sung 2 songs together; Kaya wore a bridal gown!
I loved Satsuki's Support Bass, Guitar & Drum



Fashion Inspiration ♥ [well yeah..mostly monomania haha]


How's everyone doing?
Tried to post this yesterday...but it seems like I did something wrong when trying to publish it & the whole entry just deleted itself. Yeah, wtf.
I guess I won't ever try to publish a post via mobile again...haha...so I'm just going to schedule this one. Right now I'm getting ready to head out to Cologne!! Satsuki x Kaya it is!! YAY
[Oh btw; funny coincidence: Sho (Golden Bomber) is in Cologne right now, too]

Well let's start with the Fashion Inspiration pics~!
We'll start with non-monomania pics!!!
Shiratama [KERA] to the left~
& a Tokyo Street Fashion Shot to the right

CO&LU Shoes I MUST OWN to the left
& a great Cosplay I'd do if I would weigh 30 kg less

Tokyo Street Style Shot
& CO&LU STAFF to the right
[can you believe I like both? haha]

 CO&LU I DUCKY ROCKER'S Shirt ! I need this in my life! (*___*)/)

 A fashion post without Re:NO is not complete
+ I love that guy's style on the right!!

monomania inspiration


 It's Tattan/Tacchan! One of my favorite monomania Staff girls Most of the time she's combining her clothes just like I would do!! (And she's kinda hot haha...)





 Ugh that brand knows what I love....

Hope you guys enjoy posts like these!!!
They wont become regularly...but I thought I could give it a try



Hoooolidays ♥

Good evening dear readers

& hello semester break~ I enjoy you a lot so far

This post will be one of my rather random life updates again...
I took way too many photos and didn't post for such a long time...but don't worry, I'll separate them in several entries!

Let's start with recent nails:

 Saw similiar nail art in Nail Up! and had to try it after Ande told me these are the most interesting ones


My Birthday

Mom made an incredible cake for me:
 It's Giroro!!!

 ...Mio sleeping in the bath room

On our way to Frankfurt:
[Maxi & Anna stayed over at my place... thanks a lot~ it was nice to wake up next to friends]
Went to Frankfurt to celebrate my birthday Mew & Suttyny were with us as well~
Pink background, yay xD

First stop in Frankfurt:
Iimori Patisserie
 Almost everyone had Matcha haha

2nd stop: Primark!

3rd stop: Mangetsu!

There's no local Japanese restaurant in my area so I just HAD TO wish for Japanese food on my birthday!!!

 Had Onigiri...


...& Taiyaki (*____*) /) ah~ DELICIOUS!!

/birthday pics

Now onto several other pics I'd like to share with you:

One of my latest coords
White boots with studs: Deichmann
Black tights: Primark
Brown baggy pants: Benetton
White Shirt: H&M
Navy Blue School Girl Jacket: mukuchu 
School Girl Ribbon: mukuchu

Some weeks ago the temperature in Germany began to drop drastically...
 ...down to -20°C FREEZING!!!

 Tried to wear a high bun for work for the first time~!


 Haha I'll have to explain this shot...
Friend went to buy some shoes and I'm one of those persons who are always trying some shoes when at a shoe store.
Well because of my height I'm not wearing high heels but I just had to try these killer heels on...
they look pretty extreme next to the shoes on my left foot haha~

 Oh I also received my 3rd C.W.I.F neck strap (Miyavi's Fanclub)

 ...took this photo during my study time right before exams started, ew ew ew.

Glasses I bought at H&M

 Dance lessons right this morning
[the current project I'm leading is Golden Bomber...haha~]

Oh and:
I'm going to see Satsuki (ex Rentrer en Soi) & Kaya next Friday ♥♥ so excited!!

& I also cut and colored my hair:
A little shorter and BLUE STREAKS (inspired by Shiratamata ♥ (KERA))
[better quality shots soon...haha]