Ho Ho Ho!

Yup, you'll have to look at a Christmas post at my blog, too :D almost sorry haha

For those of my readers that aren't living in Germany I'll explain some of my shots.

First shot for example: My Adventskalender ( Advent calendar)

Some of you probably know that it's kind of a tradition (mostly for kids) in Germany to hang up an Advent calendar at the 1st of December. The calendar includes 24 doors, one for every day 1st Dec - 24th Dec. Typically the calendar holds chocolate, but nowadays you can buy every kind of advent calender - or just make one by yourself and fill it with everything you want.
I'm a fan of those calendars and so my parents still get one for me, even though I'm already 22 years old.

Photo on the right shows monomania's Christmas Tree btw! Thought I would share it with you as my blog contains a lot of monomania haha.

Well, before talking about my Christmas dinner I'd like to share some interesting Christmas styles with you:

This guy is stunning. Found him on twitter, can tell you the name if you'd like to follow him, too.
He calls himself oyasuminasai.

Found this girl on Twitter, too. She's working for a kind of Halloween shop...creating the best masks and "human" decoration you ever saw! Can tell you guys her nickname, too!

That oyasuminasai guy and his friends - super stylish crew (you guys should see his girlfriend...I'll include them in my next Fashion Inspiration post)

Ok so let's head to MY christmas

In the morning of the 24th I had lunch with my dad and grandpa - potato salad and sausages.
Later on I went to the home for eldery where my mom is working. She asked me whether I could take some photos of the residents at the christmas party to send out to their families. Of course I accepted.
Won't share the photos of the people - but 2 shots of the decoration

Christmas Tree & gifts

Left: Christmas Tree at my home - decorated with Anna's help
Right: Christmas Table at the home for the eldery

And now the best part of Christmas:

Table deco and glasses

1st course:
Creamy turnip cabbage soup

2nd course:
Corn salad with raspberry dressing and selfmade croutons

3rd course:
Turkey, black/violet potatos (super yummy), beans wrapped in bacon & gingerbread sauce

4th and last course:
Nut ice cream & pear boiled in sugar & chocolate sauce


What did you have for Christmas?


Catch Up #8 - Gets, Food & Drinks

Good evening once again

Yeah so probably this is one of the few posts that have nothing to do with christmas today haha~
Hope you enjoy it though

Idk why but I'm a fan of photos of the sky...sorry for posting so many of them
Photo on the right shows a top I got from Sami Spoon!! Thank you very much ♥♥♥

Another sky shot hoho

Recently fell in love with LUSH....
(this was a gift for a friend though)

Spooky house I noticed when going out with friends...
...and a nice shoe comparison haha (yeah mine are the converse)

Tea and Donuts! What else?

Powerpuff Cupcakes!! (made by Maxi )

New shoes


...not tea and donuts haha
Captain Morgan Promotion Gift!

Starbucks am I the only one who's in love with their carrot cake?

PS: I'm heading to Lübeck/Hamburg for 4 days tomorrow. Taking my laptop with me so hopefully I'll have internet! Goodbye


Looking into Golden Eyes


Regular updates ftw!!
I'm really sorry this review is so super late...but here we go!!

geocolouredlenses.com sent me the 2nd pair of lenses to review
thank you very much

This time I chose:


  The lenses were safely wrapped and included a geocolouredlenses.com business card, a GEO 'Instruction for use' & a free lense case (with paws on it!!)

They are goooolden


Power Range: 0.00 (Available in Plano only)
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.6
Water Content: 38~42%
1 year disposable

without lenses & make up

with lenses & without make up

 with lenses & make up

 close up

 face shot

Detailed Review:
Style ★★★★
It's not a really mind-blowing style, but it looks really natural

Color ★★★★★
Successfully covered my real eye color

Enlargement Effect ★☆☆☆☆
Due to being 'only' 14.2 mm they don't enlarge your eyes that much
(this is my favorite size though)

Comfort ★★★★☆
Had some trouble in the beginning, but after cleaning them a few times they were comfortable
(you should always have some eyedrops with you)

Frohe Weihnachten ♥


Catch Up #7 - Outfit, Anna, Kiyoharu & a few random shots of myself

Prepare for a few tons of photos haha
I reeeaaalllyyy want to catch up on posts before 2012 ends!!!

Let's start with Anna's birthday
This year she only celebrated with a hand full of friends - including me of course :3
I've been able to eat her cupcakes and cake for several hours! yay!
That may be the reason why I didn't take a lot of photos...I've been busy eating, yep.

Looking horrible, but I had to include this shot VIP guests of Anna's birthday: Me, Maxi & Mew
M³ !!
And so because I'm blogging about her birthday....Happy Birthday again I love you~

Ah..from talking about my best friend now heading to....KIYOHARU
I'm not into dating games but I stumbled on one on ameba that had Kiyoharu as special guest...
yeah, I started playing it immediately.

For those who can't read Japanese I'll tell you what he said...
Catrin (me) when seeing him for the first time: Ki...Kiyoharu..san...?
Haha yeah...I'd probably be like that in real life, too.



...ok, enough fangirlism for now.

Left: at work
Right: one of my all-time-favorite shirts

Work again

Wiesloch Mainstation

Went to see Resident Evil with Anna

My hair grew so long...and yeah, I love MINT NEKO

somewhat looking like a homeless person..but I quite liked it haha

A few months ago I bought this GLAD NEWS shirt from Mitsu thank you very much~

2 of my favorite rings and wet hair yay

Last but not least:
Fell in love when I went back home after work around 1:30 am and this little guy snuggled up to my legs... he saw me and immediately came to cuddle...too cute. Dubbed him Jiji because he's black and cute and little.