Recent COORDs ♡

Recently I am trying to add more non-black clothes to my wardrobe
Partially because I need more clothes for career stuff and because I became to like creamy colors

If you've been out shopping during the last few months you might have noticed that these kind of dresses are EVERYWHERE right now
I welcome these a lot as I always loved this kind of clothing - it was simply way too hard to get them over here in Germany 

I mentioned career stuff, right? This is what I look like for business meetings haha

Right now this one is my favorite ♡ I just wished my hair was as bright and voluminous as the wig I'm wearing ( •̣̣̣̣̣̥́௰•̣̣̣̣̣̥̀ )

PS: let me know if you'd like to know where I bought these things 


TBT - Published in a Men's Magazine

There are still way too many photos I took during my time in Japan and I just can not NOT post them so please beware that you're going to see lots of TBT posts

As already mentioned in this posts title one of my photos got published in the Fan Corner of a Men's Fashion Magazine called Men's Knuckle. I've been a huge fan of this magazine from the beginning and I'm really happy to see my face in it haha (and it's quite big sized too hoho)

During my time in Tokyo I got to meet lots of interesting people and happened to see bars I'd never enter all by myself

It was way too fun to sing Dir en Grey Songs at Karaoke with this professional Metal Vocal haha

I also started to pierce myself :D no regrets
Annnnd....Starbucks Japan is way too tempting...like they always have these super special limited drinks for about 1~2 months and you just HAVE TO go there and drink it before its gone D:

Speaking about temptations - who wouldn't buy this doggie cake?

And also Sweets Paradise is a must if you're a cake lover
(Aren't we pretty?)

Some of Tokyos Public Bathrooms look super cute! This one was right next to the Sweets Paradise in Harajuku and it even had those whole-body-mirrors (How do you like my outfit? ♥)

Can't remember where I took this photo but I love Tokyo's Sky...
Right pic shows a pretty cool laser/light show at a club (@ Christon Café)
I've been there by myself and I was happy to being introduced to Hiroyuki Takahashi's friends (some of you might know his art?) and not be a lone loser the whole night lol


(My face looks so dumb omg)

Loved these jellys! 0 calories are a nice side effect
And enjoying your Cup Ramen with Tuxedo Mask is the best

I'm not a huge fan of K-Pop but this Korean Restaurant had signs of like ALL OF THE K-POP GUYS

I just realized that this post is kinda long...would you prefer shorter ones or is this kind of image flood okay for you?


Lemme buy these

Good evening everyone!

Browsing through my Twitter timeline is a torture if you're broke. I'm following lots of shops and designers and am crying almost every single day (꒪̥̥﹏꒪̥̥ )
And because I'm such a nice blogger I'll share my torture with you ♡ welcome

 The Shirt is by M:E, a kind of underground label from Nagoya. They use a lot of eyeball prints and almost everything is just as black as my soul (yes, I had to say this once in my lifetime)

Some of you (or most?) might know the guy (yes) on the 2nd pic. It's MEJIBRAYs drummer METO.He's wearing a onepiece by GLAD NEWS ♡ due to the condition of my legs I enjoy wearing maxi dresses a lot and this one would even cover the upper part of my arms..! Too good to be true ♡

This is another piece of M:E
It kinda looks like you're wearing a hoodie on top of either baggy pants or a wide skirt and I LOVE it ♡

h.Naoto has never been my favorite designer but some pieces are simply gorgeous
This one is kinda Steampunk-ish and something I'd actually love to wear (if I could afford it)

Loyal blog readers already know my love for this brand - MINT NEKO
It might look a bit childish most of the times but I love the mix of baggy and NEKO ♡ just imagine wearing that skirt and there's this super motivated cat face snitching through the gap of your legs...!

MYOB became a huge success in Tokyo and I can totally understand the hype...I've been to a shop opening before and the designer is simply gorgeous. She's been living in New York and speaks English fluently. Her designs are super flashy and her jewelry is catching everyone's eyes ✧*。(ˊᗜˋ*)✧*。✧
I already own a pair of MYOB earrings but these would be an amazing investion..♡



Good evening guys ♡

Today I'd like to talk about food and show you the stuff I usually cook. 
Anyone of my followers into cooking?

You might be able to tell that I LOVE vegetables
I'm neither vegetarian nor vegan but I do enjoy their cuisine as I've never been a meat loving person anyway.

I've also been to a Korean restaurant after a REALLY long time. The last time I can remember was when I stayed in Tokyo last year...
I'm quite not sure about the name of this dish but I guess it's called Bibimbap?
Anyway - it was delicious and I'm definitely going to eat at this restaurant again (it's called Bori and it's located in Mannheim for those of you living in Germany)

What kind of stuff do you usually cook?
And what's your favorite Korean dish? 
Looking forward to your recommendations!