The season of amazing shop windows starts ♥

Every year again shops have to show their skills around christmas time and decorate their windows to death.

Personally I really like the windows of "Engelhorn" in Mannheim.
Seems like they catched the very best decorators of the town...

So many details...I hate the windows for not letting me take good pictures because of the reflection, haha~

Do you enjoy good decorated shop windows as much as I do?♥

PS: Today I'm going to the christmas markets in Mannheim and Ludwigshafen...I really need to pocket my reflex camera ♥ Christmas magic I'm coming...~

PPS: Went to see SAW: The Final 3D in theatre yesterday...great ending ♥
[but they quite overdid the nauseous effects xD]


Tried Royal Milk Tea today ♥
Muku [amazing shipping service] added it to my last order~.

Well, now I know what I definitely have to buy in Japan, haha.
It was kinda strange for me to pour powder into a cup, dowse it with water and call it tea...(I'm used to tea made of herbs).
Buuuut~ it smells amazing ♥ and the taste is wonderful, too~!
Christmas is coming soon...so I'm starting to use christmas cups ♥

And...I've got a question.
What do you think about Disqus?
It's a comments platform which allows you to reply to comments easier and so on..
I didn't really answer to all kind of comments up until now, but I think this could be a great upgrade for my blog.
As far as I know disqus doesn't allow comments by anonymous people and so on...but for this kind of comments I could add a chatbox to the sidebar again...
Hmn...still just an idea though...

Please tell me your opinion ♥


Random entry is random because I want to blog something right now & don't have an interesting topic .

3 amazing pictures.

Rumi Shishido & I ♥
She even tagged herself and wrote a comment on facebook, wuw ♥ made my day.

I need to own this stunning fish-mobilestrap.

I wont ever worry again.
You know, Life GOSE On.
[No typo...look at his cap.]



Today I finished reading Hanteringen av odöda / Handling the Undead / So ruhet in Frieden ♥
I really love John Ajvide Lindqvist ♥
Got to know him trough the film version of Låt den rätte komma in / Let the Right One In / So finster die Nacht and bought the book right after ♥

Now after reading two of his books...I wonder about his love for animals..haha. 
Aaaaand~ I want to go to Stockholm!!♥ 
Next book to read is this one....Tokyo travel guide ♥
It's time to set goals for my trip (*___*)
[Already picked a few things I definitely have to see...plus 2 concerts, yay.]

Momo's 1st [but huge] Give Away ♥

I'm sorry for posting about a give away again, I just can't resist....♥

Please take a look at Momo's World and join her amazing give away ♥


S, B, S...& K ♥

Ok...now posting random pictures I tokk during last week.

Had to kill some time & went to a nearby supermarket.
Surprisingly I found Starbucks Coffee there, didn't know you can actually buy Starbucks Coffee in supermarkets...!
Well, it's not really super great, so I wont recommend it xD.
Nice idea tho...~

Went to an irish pub last saturday.
Unfortunately they don't offer still water (FAIL!), so I had to drink something different for a change.
Chose Bionade ♥ a kind of "We don't use any chemical additions" - drink.

Also I tried to combine a huge men's shirt with my (huge) Mickey shirt, not to mention I'm wearing boy's pants, too.
It kinda looks...saggy, but it's comfy.


Styled my hair after taking the pictures, what a great idea.... xD

And to conclude this wonderful entry...
...enjoy Giroro & Keroro in their Cosplays ♥

Gewinnspiele ♥

So, unterstützen wir mal 2 Blogs die ich regelmäßig lese ♥

 Ando verlost zur Feier ihrer 222 Leser wunderbare dm-Artikel ♥

& Mi verlost wunderschöne, kitschige, bunte Dinge xD♥
[Das auf dem Foto ist noch längst nicht alles ♥]

♥ Hoffentlich hab ich ein bisschen Glück ♥


Discreet suitcase ♥

 As I never went on a trip for more than 3 days and my trip to Tokyo is coming closer I had to buy a suitcase.
My first suitcase...♥

It's from Kathy van Zeeland.
Enjoy the lovely details ♥

There's even a "Goodie Bag" included, not bad ♥

Pretty strange...

Currently our local traffic is busy with bypasses, delays and outages....
As my dad is not living far from the city I decided to walk instead of waiting forever.

It's always the same way and I could walk with my eyes closed, but today I noticed something I didn't notice before...this door:

At first I was like "Oh...great work, the animals look cute...ok, they do look a little creepy, too.".
Then I noticed the statue at the top..."Huh? What's that in the boy's hand...? Is it some kind of vegetable? They didn't cover his lil friend at all."
Two steps back, wide eyes.
"This boy...is holding a piece of an arm....HIS arm....WTF?!?!"
They even formed his waving, ruptured skin/meat!!!!!
I know art is full of stuff like that...and usually I'm a person who tends to like sculptures like that.
But this door...was kinda shocking me.
I mean...could you live at a place like that?
It's kinda strange...

A few steps later I noticed (or hallucinated) the scream of a gagged woman...I was walking with my head bending down, because the sun was shining too strong and I didn't want to go blind.
I listened to music and the volume is like 'I can hear the most important things around me, but nothing else"
So why should I notice a gagged, screaming woman...?
I didn't even dare to take a look into her direction, I just walked a few steps faster where someone was knocking on a window right beside my head.
Shocked Mutsumi walked faster, almost crashed with a guy saying "Hey~ What's up?" and hurried to fudge an ambulance....

What a strange moment.


Kanon Livestream November 11th♥ Special Guest Teruki

Today Kanon held a livestream again ♥
Last time his special guest was Yuukiki, today it was Teruki ♥♥♥

He came in barking, jumping on Kanon and laughing xD
Unfortunately everything was too fast to take a screenshot xD♥

As you can see Kanon's hair colour changed...he's blonde now.
I kinda like it xD 

Teruki's doggy skin got the same color ♥

Kanon and Teruki showing their love for each other.

...and wishing a good night ♥

2 hours full of stupid kawainess of Teruki & Kanon, YAY! ♥


Almost forgot that something as cute as this existed...♥

Today Dennis surprisingly asked me whether he could take a "Sign"-pic for me...wow, I thought this kind of pictures have already been forgotten, haha.
I grabbed the chance and gathered most of the signs I got during the last years...

People showing their love....

...on a piece of paper....

....on their body...

...on instruments...

...or through drawings ♥.

Thank you so much....♥