Kanon Livestream November 11th♥ Special Guest Teruki

Today Kanon held a livestream again ♥
Last time his special guest was Yuukiki, today it was Teruki ♥♥♥

He came in barking, jumping on Kanon and laughing xD
Unfortunately everything was too fast to take a screenshot xD♥

As you can see Kanon's hair colour changed...he's blonde now.
I kinda like it xD 

Teruki's doggy skin got the same color ♥

Kanon and Teruki showing their love for each other.

...and wishing a good night ♥

2 hours full of stupid kawainess of Teruki & Kanon, YAY! ♥


pupsi said...

.. das war echt stupid kawaiiness <3 ich hab so geguckt als teruki-hasso chan da reingetaumelt kam wie n betrunkener matrose XDD son depp <3

war sehr süß insges. <3

un ich mag kanons haare auch gern ! karotti chan <33

glamourberry said...

XD voll witzig!!

jaaa mein kater ist super frech...der versteckt sich und springt mich aus dem nichts an xDDD

Sarah said...

I also watched it!
It was so cool (*^o^*)