Super Lovers & monomania GETS ♥


I know I already shared tons of pics wearing my monomania pullover/necklace, but...I never really introduced them to you, right?

So here you go:

Yaponskii Extra Long Sleeve Pullover [received around December '11]
Most of monomania's clothes are rather expensive but I got this in SALE, yay ♥ 

Detail Shots:

 Blurry shot is blurry...sorry.


and the wonderful studded Bow Tie Necklace:

Also I bought one of SUPER LOVERS' Lucky Bags  for 5000only back in February

[you can still grab one of them here ]

My bag included the following items:




 ♥ back

This rather girly LOVER'S ROCK Shirt
[too short for my liking D: ]

For those of you who know SUPER LOVERS: 5000円 is SUCH a great deal!!!


KERA 12/04 Favorites ♥

Good morning
[well morning for me right now preparing this post...]

How has your weekend been?
Mine has been rather chilly went to my mom's, started to eat again after 5 days of fasting (YES) and had dance lessons sunday morning.

As I've been too lazy to scan my KERA I downloaded the scans right here and would like to share my favorite coords with you:

[warning: no Akira or Ren:NO this time, seems like they focused on new models like "Host-Girl" Oni]

Golden Bomber x PEACE NOW x Hello Kitty Shirt advertisement I'd love to own one of these!!


Still love his Fashion Sense

KERA Models:

 Yes. I am currently addicted to Shiratama's Style. Maybe because it's similiar to mine...?

 Ayumiiiii [love her current hairstyle] really boyish coords this time, love both!!!!

And not to forget the girly stuff:

 LIKE especially the one on the right~

Street Shots:
 Super diverse styles; both look stunning !!

...ok, this post felt super short D:


Life Update ♥ [Coords, Nails, Lolita & more]


Today I'd like to share a small life update with you

I'm currently fasting, which means I didn't eat any food since monday...and...I'M STARVING!!!
Fortunately I'm drinking a diet shake 3 times a day to kill my hunger for a few hours...DOESN'T HELP MY CRAVINGS THOUGH. I already planned what to eat for the next 5 weeks. I can't wait. My list includes: Donuts, Sushi, Dutch Burger House, Bubble Tea, Sake Don, Onigiri and Milk Tea.
The reason for fasting: I recently gained 3 kg and I want them TO GO AWAY! Due to my calculations I should be at X6.2 kg right now...my fasting goal is X5.0 kg because I'll gain 1 kg back as soon as I'm starting to eat again. My diet shall be continued with about X6.0 kg  then...FIGHT!!

Alright, stop the diet talk.

Let's take a look at some of my recent outfit shots:
(It's so hard to take them...I can't fit my whole self in them most of the time...or else I'd look awkward. Damn 178cm)
Ribbon: mukuCHU
School Uniform Jacket (Navy): mukuCHU
White Shirt: H&M
Brown Pants: benetton
Black Tights: Primark
White Boots: Deichmann

Oh I recently ordered Flatforms at ASOS:
Duduuun love them~!
And I'm glad you can order size 41 for women at ASOS, yay!

Black Jacket: New Yorker
White Shirt with Black Ribbon: Vero Moda
Black transparent Skirt: ICHI
Flatform Chucks: ASOS

Black Jacket: H&M
Wonderful Black Extra Long Arm Fluffy Long Pullover: monomania 
Also Wonderful Black Spiked Ribbon Necklace: monomania
Black transparent Skirt: ICHI
Flatform Chucks: ASOS

Oh and last Thursday I visited Sashi at home and tried some of her Lolita Dresses with Anna :3
 ...so this is how I'd look wearing a Gothic Lolita Dress. Interesting.
[can't remember the brand, sorry D:]

Dressing up chic for Work:

Lolita Extra Shots:
 Trying not to laugh.


Anna & Me

And me wearing Sweet Lolita:
No. Doesn't suit me at all.

Fandom Talk:

Do you guys remember Shigure? [see my post about him here]
He's a bassist I like and he recently joined a new band: the rhedoric
Being a good fan I legally downloaded their first 3 songs immediately [and they're good!!] and let twitter know.
Due to my surprising luck with musicians on twitter Yusuke Suga (ex 12012; now leader of the rhedoric) told me that I did a "GJ" (GJ = Good Job) with downloading their songs, haha   I know I did!!

 Another fangirl screenshot:
 Re:NO's [KERA model] Megu telling my Megu the right way :3

Funny part of Eiichiro Oda's fan corner in One Piece:
Reader asking Lorenor Zorro's Dubbing Actor: "Are your abdominal muscles as beautifuly shaped as Zorro's? ♥ I'm asking myself how great it would look on you. Alias: Yo."
Zorro's Dubbing Actor: "Well my ass is beautifuly defined into two parts."

 And another fangirl moment:

I dubbed my MEGU "Shigure" (because of the bassist I mentioned before) & sometimes your MEGU is asking whether you allow him to tweet without you knowing what he is going to tweet at all. Due to my love for my MEGU (and my knowledge that those tweets are always hilarious) I always allow him to tweet and check it after. Last time he tweeted:
Shigure love Mutsumi.
Of course I was like "о(ж>▽<)y ☆ Shigure loves me hihi" ....haha
I was tempted to send this to the real Shigure. Fortunately I didn't.

Last sunday (the last day I ate...) I was invited to celebrate Shia's birthday at an American Diner.
Beside a Burger, French Fries and a Pancake I also had a Milkshake:

Super delicious.

The temperature in Germany is slowly rising and Maxi and me decided to walk through a park in Ludwigshafen:
[Satoshi of Girugamesh owns one like those; I'm calling them Pikachu-Birds]

[yeah, another animal I noticed in the park, trying to hide]

& those cute black eating guys

...did I say "short update"?


PS: I'm still planning to share my shoe collection with you...but I can't find any time to take pics D:

Oh wtf I forgot to include my nails:

Jiji!! [Kiki's Delivery Service]


Sparkle Babies united in Germany ♥

Good evening dear readers
I hope everyone had a nice weekend!!!

I'm a little late, but I'd like to share some photos of 4 1/2 days I spent with my Sparkle Baby Ande
She was visiting me from America and I tried to show her as much as I could
Unfortunately she didn't feel well after her arrival and we spend the first day at home...
Sashi came over in the evening we didn't take any pics tho...~


 [Photo credits to Ande]

Ande doing my Make Up in the evening:


Anna came over as well, because...


[and a super short stay in Cologne]

It takes 5~6 hours to Düsseldorf, that's why we had to get up reaaally early

Fortunately Thanh Thao was free that day and we had a spontaneous meet

First stop:


 ...some kind of don and miso soup, I forgot the name. Unfortunately not Gyu-don ;;

Intended to drink at TOYKIO....
...closed on Mondays. Ugh.

Café Tenten then:

 Matcha Latte

Thanh Thao, Me, Ande

[Thank you so much for leading us through Düsseldorf Thanh Thao ♥ it was nice to meet you!! Hopefully we'll be able to meet again~]

Oh I almost forgot the most funny part of Düsseldorf!!!





Food again:

 Sweet Potatoe Fries

 Salad, Schnitzel, Broccoli, Sauce Hollandaise~

 Anna and Maxi [credits to Ande]

 Ande & me [credits to Ande]

Maxi & Ande [credits to Ande]

And last but not least:

GIFTS [Thank you so much Ande!!!!]
 Catrin Nyan Nyanpire Blanket

 Ribbon Headband

 HiLo Skirt [F21]

 Scary Betsey Socks [Ande owns matching ones in pink]

 Victorias Secret Panties!!!

 Maybelline Baby Lips Lipbalm, bliv off with those heads serum & Camelbak Water Bottle

 Morbid Metals Body Jewelry [two pieces, I'm currently wearing one of them]

 Girl Scouts Cookies!!! & Sentimental Circus Stationery Set (*________________*)

Unfortunately Ande had to leave Wednesday morning...;;

Frankfurt Airport

I really hope we will be able to meet again soon...!
I enjoyed those 4 1/2 days with you a lot and it didn't feel like we had seen each other for the first time at all...I U