Mutsessions: Calmando Qual in Cologne, GER - 2013/05/18

While watching The Walking Dead I almost forgot to blog today...
Well, here we go

This time it's a Mutsession Post
Back in May I went to Cologne to see Calmando Qual with Anna
It was my 3rd time seeing them live and I would always buy their tickets again and again.
Calmando Qual are definitely one of my favorite live bands!

As I decided to dress up for the gig Anna took a photo of us where I am quite looking like Shiratama haha~
Right shot shows my Makeup & OS Necklace (yup, eyebags are on purpose)

Anna's Calmando Qual Look!

I am only using my phone during lives once to take a photo for my blog haha:

Ah, Calmando Qual
Have any of my readers seen them live too?
They are reeeaaally good at heating up the crowd!
Actually they weren't the only band playing that evening...Plunklock were on stage right after.
But! Almost everyone has been writing about Plunklock only, so I'm the one writing about Calmando Qual only :3
Most of the fans were Plunklock fans, but Calmando Qual totally won 80% of their hearts as well

That said I'm gonna go back to watching the final ep of The Walking Dead Season 3 and Watamote & Attack on Titan right after hoho


CLG #4 - May: Ande ♥ & Anime Convention

Back in May my dear American friend Ande visited Germany again & I attended the annual Anime Convention "Hanami" in Germany.
I've been a volunteer for quite a few years already and actually applied for the Maid Café this time
They accepted me soon and well yeah, see for yourself:

This is the blackboard right in front of our Café can you spot me?
Right shot shows Anna & me yup, I have a new hair cut! It's kind of like a bob...and long hair..hard to explain haha~

During my free time I spotted some Cosplays!
Inu x Boku, wohoo! Ririchiyo & Kagerou

Also this guy...omg...creepy
Photo on the right side shows my lunch

Customers were allowed to leave short notices or drawings for the Café/Maid the blue table was mine~

Maid Café rules

Matcha Latte
& Ande´s drink! (I think it was a kind of lychee champagne..?)

Right next to the door of our Café there was this woman drawing all day long beautiful, right?

Marvin & me

Me in the dressing room on the 2nd day
& two of my friends..almost looking the same..though they've never seen each other before...hilarious
(also they are pretty much the same type of girl, in- and outside)

almost finished drawing

After my last shift at the Café on Sunday I changed clothes to relax~
Make Up was still the same though
Also two of my friends cosplayed Rei & Asuka of NGE!

Hahahaha that shot looks like someone is threating me...totally had to share this
Few days later Anna & me went to see Evil Dead at the cinema really liked that one~


And now onto an important part of May: Ande
Unfortunately I didn't have much time to spend with her because of University & the Convention...I'm sorry dear (.__________.)
Found this photo of her and myself on her blog, so creds to Ande!
We took this on our way to university if I remember correctly..?
Definitely check out her blog if you want to know more about her trip to Germany: Oh Deculture
Thank you for visiting me again hopefully we'll have more time next time...!


CLG #3 - April: Meeting Friends, OOTDs

Good evening everyone
It's pretty hot in Germany and I might die soon....!
Blogging photos from colder days is calming haha...

Remember I got those book wrapping papers in Tokyo for free? Used them to cover my vocabulary books
And omg my creepers broke ;; I can still wear them though..!

Met Maxi

Ate my last Tokyo Banana....they are way too delicious!
I love how Manic Panic is fading

Wearing my GLAD NEWS Shirt this look might be rather boring, but it's comfy!

Super over lighted shot with Nora

Some Spring Shots

This is in front of my university btw

Also received my Deathgaze Tickets!!!
I'll let you know about the live soon

....yes, I bought a Boy London Top
And I met my dear neighbour cat!

More OOTD Shots
Aaah I wish I could wear that much layers again..! I feel so unstylish during hot days...

Loved the text on my coffee
"Hi there, this is Emmi Caffé Latte. It will make you wide awake, and keeps you as cool and unique as you are. Feel good :) and enjoy the delicious taste."
Cute, right?

Bye for now


CLG #2 - March #2: Gets, Hair Fashion Show, OOTD

Got off work early so there's some time to blog!!
Gaaah this heat is making me tired (____ ____)

Another time hopping post hope you enjoy it!

Back in March I started to play Line Play but I don't do it regularly anymore...~
See how that guy is watching me taking a bath? Pervert!!

Frank again

Cute top my Mom bought for me that woman knows what I like!!
Also had Japanese food with one of my friends in Heidelberg yum~

Snooow everywhere~

Thanks to a University project I got to know a few model agency people...and thanks to them I had the chance to record at a hair fashion fair/show in Düsseldorf!
As we had to drive for around 4 hours we started reaaally early~

Food there wasn't that good actually...but I didn't have to pay, so....

Stalking the rehearsal~

Empty chairs~ models gone~

Typical visitor, our camera & part of the show!

Inside the fair

Show again

And again~ (our team this time; they did a really good job)

Another OOTD oh I really love that top...so comfy~
Can you believe I got this dust plug for my phone at Tally Weijl?!

Didn't buy this one...but I kinda would if I had the money haha

Kasutera super delicious!!

Ending this post with food while eating dinner :3 good night everyone!