CLG #4 - May: Ande ♥ & Anime Convention

Back in May my dear American friend Ande visited Germany again & I attended the annual Anime Convention "Hanami" in Germany.
I've been a volunteer for quite a few years already and actually applied for the Maid Café this time
They accepted me soon and well yeah, see for yourself:

This is the blackboard right in front of our Café can you spot me?
Right shot shows Anna & me yup, I have a new hair cut! It's kind of like a bob...and long hair..hard to explain haha~

During my free time I spotted some Cosplays!
Inu x Boku, wohoo! Ririchiyo & Kagerou

Also this guy...omg...creepy
Photo on the right side shows my lunch

Customers were allowed to leave short notices or drawings for the Café/Maid the blue table was mine~

Maid Café rules

Matcha Latte
& Ande´s drink! (I think it was a kind of lychee champagne..?)

Right next to the door of our Café there was this woman drawing all day long beautiful, right?

Marvin & me

Me in the dressing room on the 2nd day
& two of my friends..almost looking the same..though they've never seen each other before...hilarious
(also they are pretty much the same type of girl, in- and outside)

almost finished drawing

After my last shift at the Café on Sunday I changed clothes to relax~
Make Up was still the same though
Also two of my friends cosplayed Rei & Asuka of NGE!

Hahahaha that shot looks like someone is threating me...totally had to share this
Few days later Anna & me went to see Evil Dead at the cinema really liked that one~


And now onto an important part of May: Ande
Unfortunately I didn't have much time to spend with her because of University & the Convention...I'm sorry dear (.__________.)
Found this photo of her and myself on her blog, so creds to Ande!
We took this on our way to university if I remember correctly..?
Definitely check out her blog if you want to know more about her trip to Germany: Oh Deculture
Thank you for visiting me again hopefully we'll have more time next time...!

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