CLG #3 - April: Meeting Friends, OOTDs

Good evening everyone
It's pretty hot in Germany and I might die soon....!
Blogging photos from colder days is calming haha...

Remember I got those book wrapping papers in Tokyo for free? Used them to cover my vocabulary books
And omg my creepers broke ;; I can still wear them though..!

Met Maxi

Ate my last Tokyo Banana....they are way too delicious!
I love how Manic Panic is fading

Wearing my GLAD NEWS Shirt this look might be rather boring, but it's comfy!

Super over lighted shot with Nora

Some Spring Shots

This is in front of my university btw

Also received my Deathgaze Tickets!!!
I'll let you know about the live soon

....yes, I bought a Boy London Top
And I met my dear neighbour cat!

More OOTD Shots
Aaah I wish I could wear that much layers again..! I feel so unstylish during hot days...

Loved the text on my coffee
"Hi there, this is Emmi Caffé Latte. It will make you wide awake, and keeps you as cool and unique as you are. Feel good :) and enjoy the delicious taste."
Cute, right?

Bye for now

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