CLG #2 - March #2: Gets, Hair Fashion Show, OOTD

Got off work early so there's some time to blog!!
Gaaah this heat is making me tired (____ ____)

Another time hopping post hope you enjoy it!

Back in March I started to play Line Play but I don't do it regularly anymore...~
See how that guy is watching me taking a bath? Pervert!!

Frank again

Cute top my Mom bought for me that woman knows what I like!!
Also had Japanese food with one of my friends in Heidelberg yum~

Snooow everywhere~

Thanks to a University project I got to know a few model agency people...and thanks to them I had the chance to record at a hair fashion fair/show in Düsseldorf!
As we had to drive for around 4 hours we started reaaally early~

Food there wasn't that good actually...but I didn't have to pay, so....

Stalking the rehearsal~

Empty chairs~ models gone~

Typical visitor, our camera & part of the show!

Inside the fair

Show again

And again~ (our team this time; they did a really good job)

Another OOTD oh I really love that top...so comfy~
Can you believe I got this dust plug for my phone at Tally Weijl?!

Didn't buy this one...but I kinda would if I had the money haha

Kasutera super delicious!!

Ending this post with food while eating dinner :3 good night everyone!

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