Catching up with my life in Germany #1 - March #1

As my Tokyo posts are over I want to do a few quick posts about what I did in Germany during the last months there are just some things I don't want to miss on my blog~

This post is called "Catching up with my life in Germany" but because that title is pretty long I'll just shorten it to "CLG" beginning tomorrow so please don't be irritated haha

Got this super nice dress back in March though you guys might have noticed that I wore this at the Decadance Bar...
During winter I love to wear ear warmers when wearing beanies or similar hats I feel like they ruin my hair..

I also had an operation shortly before end-of-semester-exams!

Dudun! This is one of the 4 wisdom teeth I dramatically lost!
(sorry if you think this is disgusting haha - BLOOD ALL OVER YEAH)

This is what I looked like after the operation...suddenly gained 100 pounds haha (not really - just swollen as fuck)

One of my friends bought this super cute pug
You'll definitely see more photos of this little guy in future posts

Went to eat at a place called COA for the first time couldn't resist drawing a face on the ice cream 

OMG I regret not having bought this shirt so much!!!
The Japanese on it is so random! And the cat....!!!

This is what it looks like when I'm studying...chocolate is a must.

Me, Nora & the pug (it's name is Frank btw)

Tried to create myself with different apps...kinda failed with both...but it's close!

Super huge dog against pug & new shoes (were on sale hoho)

COA again (this time with Conny & Anna ♥) 
& OOTD totally love this reindeer skirt...it's a pity I can't wear it during summer (;___;)

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