Cats, some Fashion & Anime - this is how I spend my days in Tokyo

It's like the title of this post says: I spend my days with cats, fashion & Anime haha
It's a good choice though, right?
Oh and please notice: only talking about the DAYS hoho  
(posts about the nights following soon)
 So I got this fancy MINT NEKO neck warmer at Closet Child! It's second hand, but it looks like new

 Went to Ikebukuro and spotted some street cats  
Also spent a good amount of money on FREE merchandise again haha

 It's seriously everywhere...!

 Street cats again

 Tried to make my hair look like the wig I was wearing 1 post ago
And I bought my first Japanese Manga! Volume XVI of Kuroshitsuji

 Trying to drink each drink the vending machine at work offers!
So far I had White Chocolate & Banana Milk!

 Of course food is included as well.

 Sailor Moon Nails!!!!

 A black mess (right next to another black mess haha) & Kuroshitsuji Decoration!!

 FREE! & Kuroshitsuji again haha

 Those construction areas over here frighten me to death
& lemme say that these Inu x Boku SS chocolate cookies look way better than they actually are, ugh.

Speaking about chocolate...
 My mom sent me this package a while ago

 And I received some chocolate from Chuo University at work! Surprisingly delicious!!!

 There's one road next to Shinjuku Station where you'll always spot like 8 different bands in the evening seriously love passing by~

 Spotted this amazing backpack while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green haha~
Also my roommate Laura showing off her family name (it's "Sold")

 Went to Mr Donuts for the first time~! Those balls weren't recommendable though...
Second pic proves I'm not only drinking white chocolate & banana milk at work haha

I kind of want to take some inlineskates and break my legs (&probably my arms as well)


GASHO Opening Party @ Laforet, Harajuku

Good morning everyone

Ah, it's a pity I didn't get to post this earlier!!
Last Friday, Jan 10, I went to a shop opening party at Laforet, Harajuku
It was a rather spontaneous idea, as Gizzy told me about it like 4 hours prior to the start of the party haha thanks a lot!!!

 We met up in front of Laforet at 8 pm, the party was going to start around 8:30 pm.

 Ah, just chilling around this area is amazing...you'll see stylish people everywhere.

 Yeah, I love taking photos of people taking photos of people haha.

First we weren't sure about entering the party without an invitation, but it seemed to be no problem!
 Inside this guy was suddenly talking to me, it seems like he saw me on my last trip to Tokyo in March/April '13!!! People in Tokyo remember me, that's quite amazing haha~ loved his outfit!
Girl on the right is Scawaii Blogger & Model Yuri her look is stunning, right?

 The Shop was rather packed, so it was a little hard to take pics of the stuff inside

 KANSAS offered free drinks, yay!

 Another packedasf*ck-shot

 Being a shoe-lover I enjoy Tokyo a lot haha...

 Rebecca U & Sarah Rhymer in the background
 Loved the back of the girls dress/top!

 GASHO also offered some free snacks

 DAMAGE's clothes really popped out!

 My favorite brand at GASHO: M.Y.O.B. by COMI & TANIMI

 Another fun print top at AMPM Studio

 That girl looked so cute...!!!! (couldn't find her name so if any of you know about her - let me know)
Pic on the right shows work by Chim↑Pom

 M.Y.O.B. again

More Clothes at GASHO:

 & M.Y.O.B. again

 Shot of Gizzy taking photos

Well known Harajuku Fashion Idol & DOG Harajuku Staff Hirari Ikeda & another Girl I couldn't find information about (;___;) (again: let me know if you know her)

 2 super friendly persons I know well from sites like Tokyo Fashion & Japanese Streets (forgot to ask for their names though....damn)
& Chim↑Pom Erii

 Erii again

 M.Y.O.B.'s Comi she's extremely friendly!!!! Seriously!! And I couldn't take my eyes off her...
Red-haired girl on the right is Model, DJ & Vive Vagina Designer Sioux

 Loved Comi's look to death

...now prepare for boring me haha:
 My look for the party (wearing OS ♥)

 Gizzy & I @ GASHO & some of the Purikura we took after

For those of you living/currently staying in Tokyo:
Check out GASHO! They'll only be there until 1/21, so hurry up
(idk why I didn't take pictures of it but they also sell Fangophilia!!)

PS: Check Gizzy's blog for more photos