mukuCHU is closing down...

Good morning dear readers!!

Unfortunately one of my loyal sponsors, mukuCHU, is closing down (.___.)
They've always been really kind and were one of the few Circle Lense Shops I liked ( I mean hey, I even ordered School Uniform Items from them ).
So, to thank mukuCHU and support them until the end I'd like to show you all of the lenses they sent me during the sponsorship

Have a look and don't hesitate to order (pre-orders are still possible until April 8!)

I received my 1st lenses by mukuCHU in May 2011

I don't know whether you guys noticed at all..but I always tried to pull off a different look when reviewing lenses.

2nd lenses were:
(July 2011)

 3rd (September 2011):

  EOS 3D Series G-212 in PINK

4th (March 2012):

5th (July 2012):

6th (August 2012):

  EOS Star Steries in Brown


7th (November 2012):

8th (March 2013):


And now for a last time:

Thank you, mukuCHU


Fashion Inspiration March #1

Aloha everyone!!

Spring just came back to Germany for a few days and now it's dropping down to -2°C again.
I was just going to unwrap myself and dress up in some lighter clothes as it began to become colder again...ugh.
Well, speaking about clothes...let's have a look at my latest Fashion Inspirations this time I'd like to start with some fashionable people:

 Chamii! (guy without glasses)
He's a very androgynous person and much into BOY LONDON

 Been posting lots of photos of her here lately... 96

 96 & friends

 ZIG UR IDOL Designer Sadie (& SPEECIES, ZiZ)
& Ikeda Hirari (DOG Harajuku Staff)

Some monomania items :
 Idk why but I love crown accessories...!

 Don't have to explain why I like those, right?

This poncho jacket thing is just...! :

 Nice patterns

 This could easily be SUPER LOVERS or GLAD NEWS, right? haha~

Mixed items:

 DEORART Backpack

(beware - that homepage might kill your eyes)

PS: thank you very much for your comments about the upcoming Giveaway seems like I did everything right with my past giveaways haha


Giveaway Alert!

Aloha dear Followers

You know...I'll be in Tokyo again soon, so...
it'll be time for another Giveaway after my return!!
(so probably late April or early May)

My question:
What do you guys want to win?
Cosmetics? Magazines? Accessories?
Please help me to get some ideas

These have been the prizes of my previous giveaways:

Back from Tokyo Giveaway

 Kawaii Set

Kakkoii Set

Looking forward to your comments


Extreme Cat Eyes ♥

Good morning dear followers!!

It's not even morning right now...nor will it be morning when I'm going to post this..but...I felt like shouting "GOOD MORNING"! 

My regular sponsor mukuCHU sent me some nice fresh lenses again couldn't upload this earlier because I've been busy with exams and shit..but here we go:


POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) to -6.00 


B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 15.00mm

 These were my first lenses packed in one of those super cute boxes btw (*____*)

Lense Case
Lense Instruction on the inside of the cardboard
 Pattern & Color Detail Shot

You guys probably know that I always try to pull off another look when posting reviews...so this time I chose to do some Cat Eye Make Up inspired by Mejibray's Mia

Lenses without Make Up
Applying White Eyeshadow and Kohl
Brown, Grey & Black Eyeshadow + Black Eyeliner
Fake Lashes! Make Up Complete ♥

More Full Make Up Shots to show the Lenses in different Lightings:

This one shows them best ♥


Style ★★★
It's a "Circle" lens only, so it's just like a circle around your iris. Pattern isn't that new, but they are cute.

Color ★★
Depending on the light situation the violet color wont show up at all - such a pity. Looking up close will give your eyes a somewhat mysterious touch though.

Enlargement Effect ★★★★
15 mm are enough to enlarge your eyes noticeable ♥
Comfort ★★★★★
I was kinda shocked at how easy it was to put them in haha. Also didn't notice wearing them at all...! Definitely one of the most comfortable lenses I ever tried.
I recommend these lenses for a more natural, though enlarging, look

 And, as always, some bonus shots:


 Camera decided not to show my nose.

 Kinda looking cross-eyed. Wtf.