mukuCHU is closing down...

Good morning dear readers!!

Unfortunately one of my loyal sponsors, mukuCHU, is closing down (.___.)
They've always been really kind and were one of the few Circle Lense Shops I liked ( I mean hey, I even ordered School Uniform Items from them ).
So, to thank mukuCHU and support them until the end I'd like to show you all of the lenses they sent me during the sponsorship

Have a look and don't hesitate to order (pre-orders are still possible until April 8!)

I received my 1st lenses by mukuCHU in May 2011

I don't know whether you guys noticed at all..but I always tried to pull off a different look when reviewing lenses.

2nd lenses were:
(July 2011)

 3rd (September 2011):

  EOS 3D Series G-212 in PINK

4th (March 2012):

5th (July 2012):

6th (August 2012):

  EOS Star Steries in Brown


7th (November 2012):

8th (March 2013):


And now for a last time:

Thank you, mukuCHU

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Inge Lakawa said...

the first one is cool! i like it xD

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