My Trip to Tokyo - Day of Arrival

Good evening guys
I came back from Tokyo on Monday, but I had a pretty bad Jetlag until Thursday...so sorry for the late post!
How's everyone doing?
I'm happy to see I didn't lose any followers during my absence thanks for staying!
Today I'd like to share the first photos I took with my mobile in Tokyo on 03/24
After this post I'd like to post about some gets...trip photos after gets...and vice versa.
How does that sound for you?

Well, enjoy the first shots:

This time we had to transfer in Shanghai, which seemed to be the worst airport I've ever been to.
Also the flight from Shanghai to Tokyo was...terrible. The plane has been shaking like hell for the whole time. Fortunately I could detract myself with Sashi. Anna has become really sick.
The picture above shows part of the airport in Shanghai. I wanted to transfer to that rainbow plane over there. Oh also China Eastern Airlines seem to love punctuality. Not.

 Well, at least the food was good.
This was a kind of "snack". Various kinds of fried things, pudding & watermelon.

 Anna, Me & Sashi after approximately 12 hours in a plane.
(Sashi being the only one wearing make up)

 Idk why but my iPhone has been working in China - and totally shut down in Japan. FU.

After arriving in Narita 2 hours late we directly headed to our apartment to get rid of our luggage (2 per person). This time we've been staying in Ootsuka, right next to Ikebukuro. Our apartment was called "Tokyo Panda Club" and our landlord Brian picked us up from the station. Luckily the building wasn't far at all and therefore super convenient

 ..even though the lift was creepy as hell.
(can you spot Sashis head in the glass? Japanese horror lift)

 Tokyo Panda Club Entrance
(10th floor)
Our view from the balcony on the first day
(told you we were arriving late, right? the sun has already been going down ;;)

After checking in at the apartment we immediately took a shower, slipped into new clothes, put on some make up and headed out to the city! There's no time to waste in Tokyo!

At Ootsuka Station we noticed this lovely promotion:
 ..Golden Bomber

Of course Anna and me had to take pictures with our favorite Members:
 Anna & Kenji
Me & Jun

First stop:
Chose this area because it was only 2 minutes away (and probably because Anna and me love Ikebukuro haha). Oh btw, it was Sashi's first time in Japan!

After passing several shops while heading to Sunshine City we took the chance to take our first Purikura in Japan 2013

For being awake for more than 24 hours we look pretty good, eh? xDDD

While editing
 And the silly results:

 Next stop:
Anna: Lemon Soda - Something
Sashi: Asahi Beer
Me: Calpis!

 Baked Onigiri

 Omelette & Okonomiyaki

My first UFO Catcher GET :

 ...and some ice cream at night (Choco-Tiramisu-Daifuku)

Stay tuned

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