Random Tokyo GETS #1 ♥

Hoho it's finally time to show you the stuff I bought in Tokyo
I'm calling these "random" because I got them in different areas of Tokyo. There will be "Shibuya", "Shinjuku" and "Harajuku" GET-Posts as well~! (Which one are you looking forward to the most? I guess as you're a reader of my blog it may be Harajuku or Shibuya, right?)

Let's begin:

 Of course I couldn't resist buying almost everything with Jiji on it
This guy is pretty small and I've been using it as a good luck charm...

 My favorite bath salts!!!
Should have bought more of these...(;_______;)

 Fake Lashes and a Mirror (love these large-sized Mirrors that you can get everywhere in Japan)

 Alice Nail Stickers & a Stigmata Button (2nd hand; it's Ayako Shiratama's (KERA) brand)

 Hair Arrangement Pins & Safety Pins (because I needed these quite often...)

 I Cat mobile dust plug ♥♥

...and a subway ticket haha (nice get huh?(sorry))

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