03/25 - Outfit for Shibuya, some Sakura & a Bee

Second Day in Tokyo
On 3/25 Sashi and me went to SHIBUYA hoho
First day of real shopping it was...!

Can not believe that I keep receiving compliments for that necklace - even in Tokyo.

I noticed some cherry blossoms right around the corner of our Apartment of course I had to take a picture of them before walking to the station (which is in the opposite direction)

We also had this super cute Hatsuke Miku Sakura Version Snack I think they were calling it "Mikuman" or something like that (because of the original food "nikuman") it was filled with sweet bean paste instead of meat though~

While strolling through Ikebukuro (yes, again) in the evening I spotted this rather un-welcomening restaurant trying to attract customers with super huge bones in front of their shop. Ew.

Those that have already been to Ikebukuro may know that it's a good place to spend your evening/night. Thanks to a friend of Anna we found this Amusement Bar : Bee
Turned out to be our favorite bar in Tokyo this time

Tried to take a picture of myself at the bar...now that only shows how tired I was haha...
Also, after the bar, it was my first time taking a taxi in Japan....!
I've been afraid of it because I heard strange stories about it...but it turned out to be a good experience our driver has been very kind and funny~ and it also only cost about 900 Yen (about 8,20€) for 2 persons.

Last but not least:

Purikura of the Day:

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