Shibuya GETS ♥

The GET post most of you were looking for!
As my last post was about me going to Shibuya I thought it would be a good timing to post about my Shibuya GETS the day after



GLAVIL Devil Horns

 GLAVIL Demon Wing Waist Belt

GLAD NEWS Fetish-y Bone-chained Tank Top (haha yes I made that name up...)
You can wear those bone chains as a necklace as well part of the top is made of leather...I know you can't tell from my photo unfortunately. "Fetish-y" because it looks kinda erotic when wearing it...the shape etc~

 GLAD NEWS Ihi Rock and Roll Animal Shirt love the cut!
I didn't know what "Ihi" means, so one of their staff girls had to explain haha...for those of you who also don't know: it's a smiling sound

 GLAD NEWS Mad Science Mickey Oversize Top
Oh guys I loved that one staff girl at the GLAD NEWS shop!! She was talking to me a lot and I didn't have to move at all because she was all like "Oh, wait!! I know what you like!!" And she was right haha~
COCO LULU Shirt and Tanktop probably the brightest clothes I got in Tokyo haha~
 My first Diamond Lashes~
As you can tell I already used some of the lower lashes (& I'm pretty disappointed...they look good, but their quality...no)
What's your experience with Diamond Lashes?

109 mens:
(yes, I do like men's fashion)
 GLAD NEWS Pullover it's kinda see-through and there are studs and glitter!!

 GLAD NEWS Leo Tanktop~ this was actually a set and therefore really cheap ♥ 

And last but not least:
 Xfrm Bracelet I love love love bold accessories!! And you can get tons of them at 109 men's haha~

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