3/26 Looking at Sakura in Ueno #1 ♥

Took way too many photos, that's why I'm gonna split them up into 2 entries!

So, on 3/26 we met one of my friends to go to Ueno!
Reason? Sakura!
They've been blooming pretty early this time and so we couldn't afford waiting too long.
Of course we weren't the only ones heading to Ueno...:

Entry of the park~
Lots of young and old couples (some of them including kids)

There were tons of seperated places for rent to enjoy your Hanami with friends right under the trees.
But to be honest I can imagine better places than super crowded Ueno..

Spotted lots of foreigners as well.

Right at the start of the avenue: a cat sitting on a sakura tree~ maybe one of the best things that can happen to Japanese (because they love both cats and sakura)
You can't imagine how many people were taking photos of this cute thing.
(first shot done with my iPhone; 2nd with my dslr)

I've been happy to see these waste "islands"! People were creating lots of garbage and so it's good to have those big recycle-friendly islands everywhere in the park

Strolling down the avenue:

Look at the ladies dancing!

Random guy wearing a pink afro

Inu x Boku Cosplay!


Such a nice place to walk your dog

Let's see where these stairs lead us...

...next time

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