Anime Convention - Connichi 2013 ♥ Sunday

Omg it took me 14 days to post this...I'm sorry ;;
Time is running and I keep on being busy....also this slow-as-f*ck-internet doesn't turn me on (=____=)"
Let's hope the w-lan connection at the apartement I'll be living at from Monday will be faster!!!

But I don't want to talk too much about private happenings (yet).
Let's enjoy some Cosplay shots from the convention I went to in September:

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan):

 Oh Levi....


 Link & idk-but-stunning

 Loooove this shot!

SnK again

 Free! Nagisa (both)

SnK again:




 Oh leather Cosplay...I love you.
Also this girl's face...!!! (it reminded me of Re:NO's ♥)

 Crocodile & Black Beard (ONE PIECE)

GuiltPleasure Doujinshi
GuiltPleasure Signs
Sailor Moon Mobile Charm (Star Fighter)
Uta no Princesama Ren Mobile Charm
A kind of Japanese Lesson Book
& Nyanpire Nyantenshi Plush

And last but not least:
Quick shot Jenny took with her cam
Yep, I didn't dress up at all and therefore felt pretty...stupid (OH HI REGRET)


Anime Convention - Connichi 2013 Saturday Night ♥

Let's have a look at the hotel Anna, Sashi & I have been staying at for 2 nights

 To save costs we booked a double room + extra bed
We've been surprised about how fancy the whole hotel was!
It was a really nice change though

 Flat screen TV

 Part of the wardrobe

 Mirror & sink

 Toilet & Shower (huge!)

 Desk & mini bar

 Full mirror
.Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the armchair..but it has been really comfy
There were also 2 huge windows!

So, let's start talking about the main topic of this post:

Saturday Night!

The convention is offering a kind of "j-rock/k-pop" club every year~
Usually they reserved a whole club for Connichi-Visitors only - this time it was an open club and everyone was allowed to come (&pay!)
This fact had it's good and bad sides...

 Well so after spending the day at the convention Kiki, Anna, Sashi & me went to have dinner around 20:30
After filling our stomaches we went back to the hotel to dress up!
Photo above shows what I was looking like for the night.
(I actually just changed my dress and took out the circle lenses)

Around 23:30 it has been time to head to one of Sashi's friends (I think her name was Ilona...?)
There we got to know Miley Cirus! (not the real one of course...but holy shit this girl was looking exactly like her (and definitely had similar brain activities))

Arriving at the club we met Jenny again I like this totally clubish shot of her hoho (I guess she didn't even notice my camera)
Also tried to take a photo of the crowd...but I kinda failed haha
You might not be able to tell but there's a pole...and yep, I saw a Nami (ONE PIECE) Cosplay Girl pole dancing...! She also involved a Sanji Cosplayer which has been quite funny...
There were also 2 Zorro Cosplay Guys showing off their stripper talents hahaha
So yeah...clubbing with J-Scene Fans is pretty interesting!

 Two-shots with Anna & Kiki

 & one with Jenny

Yup, tried to take a photo of our table~
Why? To remember how many times the guys sitting next to us changed haha

All in one it was a really funny night and I'm looking forward to next year