Anime Convention - Connichi 2013 ♥ Sunday

Omg it took me 14 days to post this...I'm sorry ;;
Time is running and I keep on being busy....also this slow-as-f*ck-internet doesn't turn me on (=____=)"
Let's hope the w-lan connection at the apartement I'll be living at from Monday will be faster!!!

But I don't want to talk too much about private happenings (yet).
Let's enjoy some Cosplay shots from the convention I went to in September:

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan):

 Oh Levi....


 Link & idk-but-stunning

 Loooove this shot!

SnK again

 Free! Nagisa (both)

SnK again:




 Oh leather Cosplay...I love you.
Also this girl's face...!!! (it reminded me of Re:NO's ♥)

 Crocodile & Black Beard (ONE PIECE)

GuiltPleasure Doujinshi
GuiltPleasure Signs
Sailor Moon Mobile Charm (Star Fighter)
Uta no Princesama Ren Mobile Charm
A kind of Japanese Lesson Book
& Nyanpire Nyantenshi Plush

And last but not least:
Quick shot Jenny took with her cam
Yep, I didn't dress up at all and therefore felt pretty...stupid (OH HI REGRET)

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