Catching up yet again - Food, Fashion, Cats!

 ...so my unregular blogging caused losing 10 followers (.________________.)
Oh, this is so not motivating....I'm sorry if I keep on dissappointing you guys.

Today I'd like to share some September-shots with you! A few of them are actually from October, too.
My life has been terribly busy - those who follow me on Twitter or Facebook might know.

Also, from today on it's
16 days until I'm back home
61 days until I'm in Tokyo

Hell, I'm nervous.

 Most of you might already know: Back in the beginning of September I started to keep the blonde color after bleaching it to put on blue color again. Now that it's November I'm sick of the blonde, going to recolor it to blue as soon as I'm home.
Have you ever been lucky enough to get free Starbucks test drinks in front of a store? Those tiny cups are super cute!

 Remember my dear Fumi? He's still posing for the camera like a pro

 Another Fumi shot & me having fun with photo edit apps haha (yeah, it's a Titan)

 I added some tiny Tomo Yanagishita stickers to my laptop... it's way more cute now

 Super professional paint-edited OOTD! Haha....
The pullover I'm wearing is GLAD NEWS MEN, but I don't care! It looks good on female bodies, too!
I also found those pretty cool iPhone-Button-Stickers at H&M! Started with using the Cat one

 Been cooking a lot lately...aah~ this was delicious!
It's long beans with butter & salt/pepper, grilled potatoes and champignons!

 One day at work the shop right next to us (I've been working at a mall) closed and therefore offered us to take some of their ice cream for free hoho
 Also - same day - I left work and found this festival in front of the mall where they were giving out free food & drinks! Good day!

 I don't exactly remember when but Suttyny, Daniel, Anna & I went to friend's live!
They did a really good job on stage!

 Suttyny, Anna & I

 The band (it's Lamera btw)

 Mio and I cuddling and kissing in bed

 Another dish!
It's a fried  bun, selfmade cream & zucchini with a kind of vegan hash

 ...and another one haha
- corn salad, sunflower seeds, grilled champignons
- strawberries
- green tea
- baked pumpkin + selfmade yogurt & ketchup dip

 Cat woman posing with Mio (there's a black cat on my arm...you can spot his white feet)
& lazy bum OOTD hoho

 I tried this outfit for Halloween...but I actually found that skirt to be too short, so I only wore it for this photo.
Also got a new sports jacket (and a cat tail obviously)

 MUCKERS FTW (actually listening to MUCC right now hohoho)
& this bandage...funny story....
You know...my level of being clumsy is rising to heaven recently. And so...well...I've been at home...can't remember what I did...but I fell down and slit my wrist ON MY CLOSET. YES. GOOD JOB ME.
It hurt...but I was laughing a lot.

Blogging again ASAP hope you enjoyed this one!

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