Mutsuminism's KERA 12/7 Highlights

It's time for a KERA post again
Kyary is on the cover again and it looks more KERA than the last one, yay!!

Let's start with some KERA model coordinates:

 Haha yeah it's Re:NO again you can tell she had more time for KERA shootings than during April/May

 Idk the name of the girl on the left but I looooove her outfit!! Totally one I'd wear, too.
Re:NO's on the right is amazing too but I guess I couldn't wear those overknees...~

 That shoot looks amazing! Fantastique idea

"Celebrity" Shots:

 See Ryuutaro (Plastic Tree) on the left? The top he's wearing is part of my next Fashion Inspiration post, haha~ I knew guys like him could pull it off easily.
PIKO's pants are extremely unflattering, but I like him wearing pink

 That dress is mega cute!!!! I try hard to add some polka dot items to my wardrobe but so far I didn't buy any...wtf me
Girl on the right is part of the Street Snaps unfortunately her photo got cut off by the person who scanned the magazine but I noticed her and think she looks gergeous!!


 That shirt is a really cool idea...especially the collar! KERA say's it takes 1 hour to finish it...uhm I guess it would take me more than 1 hour.

Make Up Tutorials:

In this issue they focused on the models typical Make Up which is a wonderful task for myself because I love the following girls make up:

 Re:NO hers is the most dramatic one




I'm sorry for the lack of blog updates recently, I'll do my best to blog more again soon!! (There are so many things I want to share with you haha)

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She's selling stuff like those beauties:



かわいい vs かっこいい GIVEAWAY ♥

Good evening dear readers

I recently hit 400 Followers & 100 000 Hits and so here it finally is:


Thank you all so much for reading and commenting my blog I'm really happy that so many people seem to be interested in my lifestyle and share my likes and dislikes!

My 1st Giveaway was "Back from Tokyo" themed as I just came back from Tokyo and had lots of stuff to share with you guys.
This time it's a little different
Some of you may have noticed that I'm both into 'cool' and 'cute' stuff. My life is an interesting mix of both and I love to try new things and keep exploring new styles. With this giveway I'd like to share part of my personal daily life with you

I split it up into two sets.

Let's have a look at the かっこいい (cool) Set:

(I forgot to add the UK bag so it's not on the all-together shot haha, sorry (it's bought in London btw ))

Closer look at the prizes:

Vampire Ring 
Sweet Ticket Notepad (sponsored by Sweet Ticket, thanks a lot!)

♥ Sparkling Brick Bear Charm

Black & White Collar (probably the best part of this Giveaway (*___*))
Hello Kitty & Rilakkuma Tissues

eBay reference:

Nail Sticker Set

Rilakkuma Pencil
Candy Pencil (got this one directly in Tokyo, yay)

EOS Circle Lenses Plano Adult Series G-207 PINK

GEO Cirlce Lenses Plano Carnation Series WFL-A41 PURPLE
 Sponsored by mukuCHU (including lense case)

LUX Super Rich Shine Shampoo & Conditioner

(I'm using LUX Shampoo myself so I just had to include it)

Now onto the かわいい (cute) Set!!

 ♥ 3D Deco Nails

 ♥ EOS Circle Lenses Plano Flower Series PINK

GEO Circle Lenses Plano Flower Series Plum WT-C22 BLUE
 (also sponsored by mukuCHU, thank you so much )

 ♥ Pink Rose Mirror

 ♥ KOJI Long & Volume Spring Heart Lashes & Glue

 ♥ Handmade Bunny Brooch / Hair Pin

 ♥ Sweet Ticket Bunny Button & Panda Mobile Strap (sponsored by Sweet Ticket, Vielen Dank )

♥ Beige/Cream False Collar

eBay reference:

I hope you guys like the stuff I got for you


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2012/05/20 - Changing of the Guard @ Buckingham Palace & Neal Street, London

Last post about London
[Only GETS and Subway Love left ]

Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in the morning:

  Lots of Police and Tourists~

No ones in the chair, Come on! Come on!
Sweeney's. waiting. I want you bleeders.
You sir! Anybody!
Gentlemen now don't be shy!

(Song Lyrics)

 Random stylish shot haha

Beautiful Gate

Changing of the Guard:

 Lead and followed by horses~

After walking through Green Park we headed to the city again~

  I can't remember the name of that museum...but it was a kind of Fun/Horror/Action House!

Huge M&M Store:

And of course I had to eat Fish & Chips!


Impressing wall that was hiding construction work at the station:

 After that we split up & I went to explore Neal Street
Originally I was looking for the Super Lovers Store...but I couldn't find it at all (T^T)

Instead I found lots of other cool places

  Shu Uemura Store!

 Dr Martens ♥♥♥♥

 Domokun everywhere

Neal's Yard:
 Super colorful buildings right over there!!
 Hair by Fairy cute idea

Eh-! Don't look back exactly in the moment I tried to take a picture of your back!!!

And last but not least!

A vending machine at the airport:

Ben & Jerry's !!!
OMG I wish we had something like that in Germany!!!