Mutsuminism's KERA 12/7 Highlights

It's time for a KERA post again
Kyary is on the cover again and it looks more KERA than the last one, yay!!

Let's start with some KERA model coordinates:

 Haha yeah it's Re:NO again you can tell she had more time for KERA shootings than during April/May

 Idk the name of the girl on the left but I looooove her outfit!! Totally one I'd wear, too.
Re:NO's on the right is amazing too but I guess I couldn't wear those overknees...~

 That shoot looks amazing! Fantastique idea

"Celebrity" Shots:

 See Ryuutaro (Plastic Tree) on the left? The top he's wearing is part of my next Fashion Inspiration post, haha~ I knew guys like him could pull it off easily.
PIKO's pants are extremely unflattering, but I like him wearing pink

 That dress is mega cute!!!! I try hard to add some polka dot items to my wardrobe but so far I didn't buy any...wtf me
Girl on the right is part of the Street Snaps unfortunately her photo got cut off by the person who scanned the magazine but I noticed her and think she looks gergeous!!


 That shirt is a really cool idea...especially the collar! KERA say's it takes 1 hour to finish it...uhm I guess it would take me more than 1 hour.

Make Up Tutorials:

In this issue they focused on the models typical Make Up which is a wonderful task for myself because I love the following girls make up:

 Re:NO hers is the most dramatic one




I'm sorry for the lack of blog updates recently, I'll do my best to blog more again soon!! (There are so many things I want to share with you haha)

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She's selling stuff like those beauties:


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